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  1. trapper

    Smart Pss question

    I am running Smart Pss gDMSS lite app on android to view cameras. I can view app when connected to home wifi but get a failed when not connected to home wifi. This is probably just a settings issue. Any ideas where I should look first. Thanks again.
  2. trapper

    dreaded day light savings time

    hello all quick tech question. I use smart pss to monitor cameras on Mac. when I try to review todays footage from 1200am to present 1120am it says maximum quarry time span is 24 hrs and will not show any previous recordings. I have nov 6 from 0000am to nov 6 2359pm selected. when I manually...
  3. trapper

    just wondering

    I have been fine tuning my day and night settings on my LPR. I am getting closer and closer every day to a great capture. During the day I played around with the exposure in auto mode and it gets very good quality video. To expedite the fine tuning will the auto setting show me exactly what...
  4. trapper

    tripwire set up

    hello I am trouble shooting tripwire. I can't remember if tripwire drawing set in ivs is visible on the live screen once set up.
  5. trapper

    messing with lpr night settings

    I decided to try full color experiment on the lpr night time and it looks like I need to fine tune the picture. From your experience does the attached photo look like I can change the settings and keep the LPR on color for night time or just go back to black and white. current setting color...
  6. trapper

    focus and zoom

    I have the the hwf 5231 z12e as my lpr, during the night its set at 1100 zoom and 1180 focus Great Pics). For daytime I set the zoom at 920 (more field of view ) and focus 1600. When the daytime schedule kicks in it keeps the night time zoom and auto focus to 1460. My question is will my...
  7. trapper

    help with settings

    hello I recently had to recreate my hwf 5231 z12e lpr. the camera is producing a blur near the car tires and a trailing blur from the rear of the car. attached are my settings and a picture of the blur. any suggestions on how to correct the picture would be appreciated.
  8. trapper

    lpr daytime setting

    I relocated my lpr hwf 5231z12e to a location approx 14 off the ground facing east. the angle of the camera to the roadway is less than 20 degrees and the distance to the target is approx 150ft to 175ft. first picture shows license plate while vehicle was in the shade. the second picture is...
  9. trapper

    motion detect setting

    I currently have 6 cameras on my dahua nvr. 2 of them are new installs. I tried several different ways to get the 2 new cameras motion detection to appear on the timeline with the yellow activation hash mark and no luck. both cameras send me an email alert of the motion detect activation.. I...
  10. trapper

    LTS camera system

    Hello does anyone have experience with a camera mfg LTS in Los Angeles. A friend has this system and wants to incorporate a LPR. LTS offers only limited fixed and focal cameras 4.5-12mm max. Will Dahua cameras work with a LTS nvr
  11. trapper

    dahua NVR no motion detect on time line

    today at 7am my nvr stopped giving me motion detect yellow hash mark on timeline for all cameras. I still get the email alerts from all cameras and all other functions are good. I have cameras set at full time record with full time motion detect. I deleted and reentered the motion detect...
  12. trapper

    wish I would have left it alone

    Hello, I have dahua nvr with 5 cameras . everything was working great until I logged into a camera via config tool and web portal I made a change in the focus and logged out. I few hrs later I tried logging back into camera via config tool and web. and it says can't find it. all 5 cameras have...
  13. trapper

    focus zoom settings -HFW5241E-Z12E

    when setting the day and night schedule for this camera I noticed the day time picture is very clear and when the night time schedule kicks in the focus is blurred. when setting the day parameters will the focus and zoom be the same for the night or can they be set separately while in each day...
  14. trapper

    LPR motion question.

    Hello I installed the LPR and I am in the initial set up. My motion detect setting triggers right when the car enters the picture however the car passes out of view right before the trigger resets. what settings will fix this issue. thanks again for ll the help
  15. trapper

    help accessing camera

    hello I installed my new hfw 5241 from Andy . I am trying to change the shutter settings and hit a road block. I am able to log into nvr via easy viewer web service and see the camera. I select the blue internet explorer button for the LPR camera (PIC info 1)and a new window pops up (pic info)...
  16. trapper

    hfw 5241E -Z12E

    want to thank Andy at Empire Candy for the excellent customer service on my recent camera purchase. I am adding the hfw 5241E -Z12E recommend here as a LPR. Ordered directly from Andy and saved a few $$. 3 day delivery to California . Will be posting asking for set up info thanks all.
  17. trapper

    Dahua hfw5431E-Z

    hello I have a spare dahua hfw5431E-Z from Empire candy. I am trying to get the best picture quality for the location/purpose. I have it full zoomed to approx to pick up cars approx 50/60 foot away driving in residential area. Currently I make out some of the letters and numbers but still not...
  18. trapper

    purchase new system

    I purchased a system from Andy empire candy 2 years ago dahua cameras and nor. is Andy still selling and what is the best way to contact him
  19. trapper

    IPC-HFW5231E-Z5) dahua

    I have a dahua bullet camera and the the glass lens has a foggy /dirt on the inside of case lens. how can I open camera to wipe case glass lens. I don't see any fasteners that are visible. thanks
  20. trapper

    motion detect set up error

    hello I have the Dahua nvr with 4- dahua 5231 cameras connected the system works great except I deactivated motion detect on the system because the neighbor installed Christmas lights and was bombarded with alerts. Anyway went to turn back on and only camera1 will motion detect. I set it back...
  21. trapper

    dahua nvr

    so I was messing around with the resolution and changed some settings ooops. anyway my problem with my dahua 16 channel nvr setup 4 cameras set on motion detect. I use smart pss for set up and viewing. when reviewing motion detect video I see the vehicle enter the frame, the video will freeze...
  22. trapper

    built in mic

    hello have the dahua hdw5231r-z cameras hooked into my dahua NVR with poe. do these cameras have built in mic and ability to listen to sound. the manual says built in camera and audio I just can't figure how to set it up. Can someone guide me to a set up manual to turn on these features. thanks
  23. trapper

    split screen

    hello i have the dahua NVR 16 channel with POE. when on 4 view screen split it now shows camera 1 on screen #1 and #2. it was working great but i must have selected something and now can change it back. any help would be appreciated
  24. trapper

    assistance setting up dahua NVR

    i just received and set up 1 dahua NVR5216 4ks2 and 4 dahua 5231 starlite cameras 1 dahua 4k from ANDY great cameras and NVR. things i have done mounted cameras added HD to NVR System works great recording works great. help with the following. not hooked to network yet #1 i am continuous...
  25. trapper

    question for nary

    hello on your recommendation i ordered a dahua NVR5216-16P-4KS2 and (1) HDW5231R-Z (4)HFW5431Ep-Z from andy at empire. My order arrived but he sent me 2 dahua DHI-4232-4ks2 NVRS instead of 1 NVR5216-16P-4KS2. the one you recommended was POE and the ones he sent are non POE. I have not heard...
  26. trapper

    difference between models

    hello what is the difference between the dahua nvr4232-4ks2 and the NVR5216-16P-4KS2.
  27. trapper

    cameras arriving

    hello i ordered my system from empire 2 days ago, it shipped and NVR5216-16P-4KS2 S with 16 ports POE. HDW5231R-Z HFW5421E-Z will arrive in a few days any advise on set up, tips, short cuts, tricks, or just helpful advise would be appreciated. I will have a friend familiar with IT helping me...
  28. trapper

    help design my system

    hello all I am a NOOB my neighborhood is getting hit by daytime package thefts and night time car burglaries. Can someone help me put a camera package together. distance from front door to street 45 feet. have a 3 car driveway that is 20 long x 30 wide . lot frontage 75 feet wide. Do not need...