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    Skyhawk AI won't work with windows?

    I think I bought the wrong drive(Seagate Skyhawk AI ST16000VE002 ) :( Seagate support are telling me the Skyhawk AI 16tb I bought is only good for DVR use and not windows, can anyone confirm? Windows can see it but...
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    Can't pause cameras in App

    For some reason I can't pause cameras separately using the app. I used to do this quite often but now it won't work. Any ideas?
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    Blueiris and Reolink issues resolved?

    Hi All, I'm looking at buying a few Reolink RLC-423 cameras but I read there may be some image and ptz issues when using them with BI. Does anyone know if these issues have been resolved via a firmware update? If not, can anyone suggest similar models around the same price?