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    AcuSense vs Dahua SMD Plus

    Hey, I have been using only HikVision Acusense for a while now and was wondering if anyone has done any direct comparisons between HikVision and Dahua's offering. On paper the G2 AcusSense 8MP has a better sensor and would be better for low light, have not had a chance to test the equivalent...
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    DS-2CD2386G2 - AcuSense - Bad image quality on latest firmware (V5.5.134)

    Hi All, EDIT: Firmware 5.5.131 does not have the quality issue. I have been having non stop quality issues with the latest firmware for the DS-2CD2386G2-IU. I have spoken to HikVision and they have been able to re produce it and have given me temp firmware that should resolve the issue. The...
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    Hikvision "Chinese Hardware" remote upgrade?

    Hi guys, Basically I have about 15 DS-7608N-E2 / 8P that have been deployed in various locations around Australia. It's not possible to get to them physically however I need to upgrade them in some fashion to be able to support email via O365. I know you can upgrade / update them via the...