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    Site planer for construction site (cctv and detectors)

    HI there What do you guys recommend when it comes to site planer so we can put in we're the detectors and cctvs are located on a construction site for example Thanks
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    Groundloop noise/ buzzing nvr speaker

    Hi there I bought the Adastra AH25 horn speaker for my Dahua nvr and as soon as I connected it to power it gives me a groundloop noice(I think it's called?). And someone told me that I should just connect it to aa singel power Socket. But the problem is that it's going to be installed in a...
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    Ivs vs SMD and the length of detection

    Hi there Thinking about using a 5 series dahua cameras for my companys outdoor area that needs to be protected. Can't decide what analytics I should go for. Should I go for the ivs human detection or smd? The important part is that I want as little false alarm as possible. And with the...