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    Ubell db1 uniden video doorbell server

    I recently reconnected the router to my db1 doorbell cams and the passwords no longer work. I cannot unbind my cams or readd them to my app. Has something happened in the last few months to the servers?. I had them connected direct to my cam software via onif, but again, password issues. I did...
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    Any members knowlegeable about BI and external Relays?

    AI was initionally going to go with a dahua NVR 16 port poe model because it had inputs/outputs, but I read that BI is capable of this as well through http commands. I have a mish mash of different cameras and I think BI is something to look at for that reason alone. One of my questions is that...
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    IP poe cameras with cat 3 wire

    ok , here is the question. Rather than run another cat5e cable to my attic which will be a pain, i would lke to utilize an existing cat 3 cable. The camera is an older hcm-531 poe (802.3af) low res 640x480 ptz. The cable run is 150 feet. I thought I would just hook uo the 3 pairs into an RJ45...