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    Strange hiccup during recording

    I'd appreciate it if someone would look at this short video and give me some idea what is happening. Two times, at the 9:15 and 9:19 points, it seems to stop recording, as indicated by the time code. At 9:15, the picture seems to be still for 3 seconds, then jumps to 9:18. A second occurrence is...
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    How to estimate fixed focal from a vari-focal ?

    I have an IPC-T3241T-ZAS (from Andy). Following the advice I've seen from several on this forum, I went with a vari-focal that I can use to tune my needed focal length and then use that as a basis for purchasing fixed focal length cameras. I am guessing at how to do that and would like...
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    Can't reach UI3 over local network

    I wasn't sure whether this was a question for the NETWORKING forum or BLUE IRIS. I think I've set up WEB SERVER correctly for no user authorization over the local LAN and correct pointers to the UI3 WWW directory. From the local BI computer, I can reach the UI3 interface, but from any other...
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    Blue Iris + Plex: Bad Idea?

    Hi. New Blue Iris user here. In setting up BI on a dedicated I5-6500 (w/ quicksync), and 16GB, I saw "The Hook Up's" video and he mentions that he also runs Plex Media Server on the same Windows computer. Is this advisable? The system runs only BI, AItool, Deepstack-for-Windows plus the...