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    Holy Storm Surge!

    Camera on a house in Ft Myers Beach,FL during Ian.
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    That's a lot of space

    WD upped their largest HDD to 22TB, whoa. Available now, get your Purple Pro for $600...
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    HD-SDI Camera - 1080p @60Hz

    Unique application, looking for a fixed HD-SDI cam that can do 1080p @ 60Hz (or 59.9). Varifocal preferred 2.8-12mm, 1/3" CMOS will work. Dome or Turret style. The 60Hz is the hard part.
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    Ring's FOV

    Rings splash page on their website tells it all - this is how close you need to be for a useable image...:lmao::lmao::lmao:
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    Virtual Home Tour Camera

    Different type of camera for sure! Have seen many virtual tours of homes & rentals, but very cool to watch behind the scenes. Basically move the cam as needed, get out of the way & press 'go'. Move to next location, repeat. Stitch together the results and done. I believe the photographer was...
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    Memorial Day - we can do better

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    Dash Cam - deer crossing

    Dash cam captures deer crossing in Oakland County, Michigan. Unfortunately the car ahead ended up in the middle of the pack...
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    One smart pussy - doorbell cam

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    LPR Cam captures smiles

    Fun to share a positive post, smile & wave!
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    CA is on fire

    Eerie sunset thru smoke, from yesterday 7pm - San Jose. On top of all the destruction from the fires, we are also experiencing the worst air quality in the world. Prayers to all whose life is at risk, and those that put their life in risk to protect.
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    Consumer Reports - Video Doorbell reviews

    The article focuses mostly on privacy & security concerns. Their Buying Guide & Ratings are shown under members subscription, but here are their top five in order. Ratings based on: video quality, data security, data privacy, response time. Nest Hello Wisenet SmartCam D1 SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro...
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    Peregrine Falcon

    This guy did a fly-by this morning. By shape & coloring, assuming it's a Peregrine Falcon. Pic & video (at 1/2 speed) below.
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    LPR Cam is now a People Cam

    My LPR cam is picking up more people than plates these days. Great to see all the foot traffic, but hate the reason.
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    Good Old Days

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    H.26x to HDMI decoder

    Magewell added this to their ProConvert lineup. I have used many of their products - great stuff. Primary their HDMI - USB converters. Can output up to 2160x1200 @60 fps over HDMI 2.0. Will be shown at ISE 2020, hits the shelf March 2020. Write up here.
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    CES 2020 - Surveillance tech products

    CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW Las Vegas gadget show goes all-in on surveillance-technology products New devices make life easier but also come with trade-offs By Matt O’Brien The Associated Press From the face scanner that will check in some attendees to the cameraseverywhere array of digital...
  19. DsineR update fail

    Updater throws this error: 'Update of C:\Program Files\Blue Iris 5\BlueIris.exe failed (32)--make sure it is not in use' This is the first time an update failed, any ideas how to fix?
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    More Paint Jobs!

    Redwood deck cam - painted Hik DS-2CD2442FWD-IW Great indoor cam, and works well covered outside for smaller spaces.
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    Late night horse walk?

    Neighborhood in the middle of silicon valley. What to do while your Telsa is charging?? - take your horse for a walk!
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    Driver distracted by a phone call - she was not injured.
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    BI or Camera's input for motion alarm?

    Lots of threads detailing particular camera day & night settings. What are you using for BI alarms? Settings? I'm having a hard time finding a happy (day/night) medium with BI, and went with the trigger from my IPC-HFW5241EP-Z12E.
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    Plate Recognizer for ALPR

    Anyone using this new feature in BI? Found under the camera settings - trigger - artificial intelligence. For now, looks like the only benefit to enabling is have the license plate info show up on the Alerts tab. Takes a little work to the vehicle aligned within the Alert window. You must...
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    IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E available?

    Hi Andy, Looking for the IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E, US version NTSC. Do you have any available to ship? Lead time & price? Thanks!