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  1. Dane Seelen

    Hi There!

  2. Dane Seelen

    Can a POE+ Switch Power a POE Cam with 802.3af at 300'

    Hi, I am trying to understand if a 802.3af camera will work at 300' or 250' if you would use a POE+ switch? I should add I have seen various differences online, Thanks,
  3. Dane Seelen

    Best IP Cameras Out There

    Hi I wanted to start a quick forum on what everyone feels is the best IP Cam for the $ and why? Really just would like to hear what everyone thinks. I know many may say well it depends on what for? What are you connecting it too? Etc. Etc...That's ok too just throw that info in as well...
  4. Dane Seelen

    Hi There!

    Hi My name is Dane Seelen, been looking for a place to share and expand on IP Camera knowledge, I am a IT Security Professional and knowing more never hurts right?
  5. Dane Seelen

    Trendnet NVR

    Cool I did let HR know the posting is needed, but to clarify does this mean any hikvision camera would work for it? or how do the two relate? Sorry have taken much course work on security cams but not alot of deployment exp
  6. Dane Seelen

    Trendnet NVR

    Hi, I work for a company that has a TV-NVR2432D4 from Trendnet, they would like me to add cameras with audio in a few places but Trendnet does not really offer bullet cams with audio recording. The NVR does support onvif so I am hoping that I can use another brand name. I wanted to check...