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  1. denywinarto

    Motion based Rules + Alarm notification doesn't work

    Anyone got this working on 2021 R1? So i need to setup alarm + email whenever there's a movement at night for specific cam, I found some tutorials mentioning i need to use input from the cam like this one But the problem is, out of 5 cams only 1 cam has input, and it has 5 of them, so there...
  2. denywinarto

    View recording on tinycam pro

    I bought & installed tinycam on memu hoping i would be able to setup a less-resource demanding NVR. But it turns out the recordings can only be viewed from web browser, it's not very ideal cause my goal is to make cctv viewing as simple as possible for some elderly people.. So any plans in the...
  3. denywinarto

    Google DNS down, stunnel stops working

    So i have a configuration of stunnel + BI that has been working for almost a year, following a tutorial here. today apparently google dns stops working, so i changed it to my modem's DNS. Internet is back. But BI https remote appears to be broken. So i tried disabling stunnel and it's back on...
  4. denywinarto

    Blueiris + Openvpn / Wireguard

    Anyone successfully implement wireguard on windows directly to client (Android) without router? Trying to accomplish it by following this guide How to Setup Wireguard VPN Server On Windows - Henry's Portal but i seem to stuck on part 3, in my case internet connection sharing wont work. I'm using...
  5. denywinarto

    H265 vs h264, no storage usage changes

    I just changed my 2MP cam from dahua h264 to h265, it's supposed to have less storage usage, But after 2 hours recording, i don't see any usage changes, infact, it's slightly larger, (see the attachment). I've checked the cams and both are runnnig 20fps. All other settings are exact same. What...
  6. denywinarto

    Working phone alert example?

    I'm trying to get phone alert for my warehouse cam working, The goal is to call several numbers (my securities) when there's a motion detected Currently i have internet modem and active telphone plan, a huawei HG8245H, it has TEL port along with ethernet port the TEL port is supposed to be used...
  7. denywinarto

    Dahua A35 weird recording result.

    Hi any idea why my recording result is messed up like this? I've only reinstalled my windows + import blueiris reg recently,, and i'm pretty sure i didn't change anything on the cam itself The live view is showing the image correctly, it's just the recording thats messed up.
  8. denywinarto

    Dahua A22 offline WAN

    Is it possible? I've been tasked to create an offline CCTV environment in a large factory And i'm wondering if i could use google mesh + Wifi CCTV to achieve this. I'm still weighing the pros and cons between wifi and LAN cable and i'm worried if wifi signal might be interrupted by something. So...
  9. denywinarto

    Cannot add dahua a22 to blue iris

    Ok so, i managed to set this up on imou and smartpss, the thing is, its wifi only. And i cannot add this cam to blueiris even though the ip is already correct. I cant seem to access the ip address either. Any ideas? Ip and Gateway is already matching on the machine with BI
  10. denywinarto

    BI + tinycam

    Ok, ive tried the free version, it seems to connect fine, and im interested in the full version But how do i create cam individually? When i input BI's noip address i get 4 cams view, how do i create 4 separate cams? When i tried choosing different channel in advanced menu, the cam seems to keep...
  11. denywinarto

    Having trouble remote access BI

    Just bought BI and BI app for my home cams, And ive setup port forwarding on my hg8245h. Since ive had good experience with noip, i set it as well in my router. Problem is, i cant get remote access to work from the android app, neither using ddns name or wan ip address works, - local access...
  12. denywinarto

    Blueiris + Dahua cams wrong timestamp

    I've had 6 dahua cams installed, and i recently reinstalled blueiris from scratch in a new machine. But now the recordings seem to have wrong timestamps, It's crucial cause i need a accurate timestamp for evidence any idea how to fix it? i can't find time settings in blueiris
  13. denywinarto

    BI Missing installation files after reboot

    Blueiris v 4.8.50 x64 OS : server 2016 with MS defender After reboot, i noticed BI no longer running and the exe was gone, along with some of the .dll in the installation directory, though not everything is gone. So i had to install BI in another machine and copy the missing files. Checked MS...
  14. denywinarto

    BI not detecting cameras, need to restart service to work

    I have 6 cameras, my machine specs : Windows server 2016 MSI Z970 A pro i7 8700 32 gb memory I'm also using the machine for my NAS server. BI runs through PCIE intel NIC i210-T1 + Netgear POE switch It's a new machine i just built this morning, strangely after 6-8 hours running, i noticed BI...
  15. denywinarto

    8 2mp cams, GB for MB switch?

    Any thoughts about these specs : 2 Megapixels is the switch overkill for 8 2mp cams? Is the MB variant FS 116P enough ? Also.. what's the NVR CPU usage for this scenario? I'm thinking of using my i3-4130...