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  1. grigione

    Rtmps webcast ?

    in May, facebook will end support for rtmp url and will only accept rtmps url for streaming. Blueiris supports webcast with rtmps url?
  2. grigione

    Blue Iris Tools Bug in wind speed

    Please fix following problem Wind speed displayed in Km/h is incorrect!!!For example ,if wind speed is 1,6MPH then wind speed in Km/h is displayed as 25, Km/h instead of 2,5 Km/h so also in wind description error is displayed Moreover,when there are not precipitation software displayed only a...
  3. grigione

    display a specific camera by schedule tab in a cycled camera group

    Using method described in this post: I need to know how to switch output to only one camera after a specific time using schedule tab settings
  4. grigione

    Blue Iris go in crash every time a windows updates are installed

    I have noted that every time in windows 7 windows update install updates automatically Blue iris v4 go in crash MY setting are Install updates automatically (recommended) at 3 a.m. automatic installation time Possible Bug?
  5. grigione

    Webcasting two cameras on same streaming?

    I want ask if is possible streaming two camera auto-cycling webcasting their on same streaming
  6. grigione

    Maximum Keyframe interval question

    I have this settings foer Ustream In this url Ustream report a Keyframe interval value of 2 seconds In Blueiris webcast settings section video in Maximum keyframe interval (GOP) value is in seconds or what? I...
  7. grigione

    Camera cycle switch

    Hello,I wish to know if it's possible to implement a custom time switching camera (0 to max 300 seconds) in the next release .Thanks
  8. grigione

    Youtube streaming how to?

    hello i'm trying to streaming my stream to a youtube private channel but without success I'm following this settings: and so i i have tried to set in webcast so as in this image: <a target="_blank"...