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    Cameras loosing signal and BI SMS text not working

    This is a follow up to the same problem that I have posted on here last week. Several things were suggested to me to try which I have done but still have the same problem. Camera's are loosing signal, WEB UI keeps buffering and loosing video, and SMS text messages are not going out or are...
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    db corruption detected

    I have noticed that when viewing the BI Web UI I get a message "Video stream lost, trying to re-connect". It is continually doing this. I checked the log and it says "db corruption detected, run repair/regenerate (all/index)". Can someone explain what's going on and how do I repair it. Thanks
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    Trouble with blue iris push notifications

    Hello, I am running Blue Iris 5 with 12 cameras. I recently had to change out my router and that seems to be when the problems started. Cameras are sending out push notifications but only four of them have the push sound with them. At times the notifications are coming in several minutes to...
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    Not getting notifications/alerts/geofence updates on phone

    I recently had to replace my ISP modem and in the process the IP address to the blue iris server was changed. I went through the setup process using BI Wizard and got everything back up and running. But for some reason I cannot get alerts from any of the cameras. No SMS text or Push...
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    Not getting alerts and geofence is not working.

    I am currently running the BI 5 version (, updated today) on my computer. I have had some computer and WIfi issues in the past several weeks. One of those problems was that my computer running the BI program, IP address got changed. I found this out when I stopped getting alerts and...
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    cameras not alerting at night

    I have a PTZ camera and a bullet type camera that are both aimed at the gate on my property. I have the blue iris program set to sound an alarm thru the computer when a vehicle approaches. Both cameras function fine during the day but for some reason at night, when a vehicle approaches, the BI...
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    How do you capture an still image from a BI video clip

    Is it possible to capture a still image from a video clip. Trying to capture an image of some ones face as he turns. Need to capture photo so I can email to some one else. Thanks
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    Night setting for amcrest camera using blue iris

    I have a Amcrest PTZ camera that looks at Grain Bins and fuel tanks that are close to the road. At night when a car comes up/down the road their headlight are reflecting off of the Grain Bins causing the camera to Trigger. Can anyone suggest/provide settings that may solve this?
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    One camera missing from Blue Iris dashboard

    In the process of rearranging the camera layout on the blue iris dashboard I moved one of the cameras half off of the dashboard. I am unable to drag it back down and it is now on a separate page. I tried to close that page out, sign out of blue iris, and restart the computer but did not fix...
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    Blue iris can't open video

    I am in the process of setting up a blue iris system with a total of 6 cameras. I have 3 up and running. 2 of the cameras seem to be working fine. However, one camera's video cannot be viewed on my apple phone or tablet. I have all camera set the same. I even synced the one not working with...
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    Setting up two separate Blue Iris systems on cell phone

    I have two separate BI Systems that I monitor through my phone, both of separate networks. In the app on the home page I can change the profiles for the 1st setup, however on the second system I cannot change any profile, shield, etc from the home page, they are kinda greyed out. How do you...
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    Cutting down the number of stored (Canceled Arts)

    Is there a way to cut down on the number of stored canceled alerts in blue iris? I have one camera that continually fires when it is raining. The alert is getting canceled but they are still being stored in the stored alerts folder. Deepstack cancels it but they are still being stored.
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    Two separate BIue Iris set up

    I currently have a Blue Iris set up at home. A relative saw my set up and has asked me to set up cameras for him. I will have to maintain it for him i'm sure. Is it possible to set up his cameras for viewing from my phone. I know I can log into his server with team viewer and the WEB UI but...
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    Blue iris email set up

    I'm in the process of installing and setting up blue iris software on a friends computer. I understand that you must turn on "Less secure Apps" in google chrome for the email to go thru. So I go to google settings/less secure apps, and there is a note saying as of March 30, 2022, google will...
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    Schedule/Profile changes in Blue Iris

    I am currently running three profiles in Blue Iris. I have a HOME/AWAY/NIGHT Profiles. The night schedule is Midnight to 6:00 AM. I have two cameras that I want to be INACTIVE when at home and activate and go to a specific preset in the NIGHT profile. The camera will activate at midnight and...
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    Blue iris web UI

    I have one camera that will not show up in the Blue Iris Web UI or BI APP. It shows up on the main BI program. Its an amcrest camera and it shows up on their app as well. I have checked the P2P connection in amcrest and it is enabled. I have also checked for hidden cameras on the desktop as...
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    i have an indoor PTZ camera that I want to be active during night time hours only. I also want it to go to a specific preset at midnight and another preset at 6:00 AM. I do not want it to be active when I am inside the geofence but become active at midnight and go to a specific preset. I...
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    Camera triggered presets in blue iris 5

    I have a camera about 1000' from my house. It sends its signal to the house through a radio bridge. I have a PTZ camera that I have programmed to respond to certain presets based on the camera being triggered. But I can't seem to program the radio bridge camera to trigger the PTZ when it is...