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  1. Swampledge

    Deepstack confirming alerts despite zone exclusions

    My apologies, @doughboy. I haven’t checked in here in a couple of weeks, and just saw your post now. Here’s two things I hope will help you: To view the still that DeepStack is analyzing, do a Ctrl- double click on the alert image on the BI console. On the motion detection dialog, I have “do...
  2. Swampledge

    Deep Fake

    Remember how they built a White House look-alike studio for Brandon to use in his early addresses? Now we know why. Can’t have an actor laying down the base track for a deep fake address in the actual Oval Office.
  3. Swampledge

    Why use deepstack?

    With 8 cameras, I am using DS on only 2. One uses it only during daytime because of shadows on a reflective driveway (which is probably 70% of the field of view), and on a separate camera only at night due to that one being particularly attractive to spiders and their webs.
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    A router is used to connect different networks. Without internet, you don’t need a router or a modem. Just assign IP addresses manually on the cameras and the PC and you have your network.
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    First Time Cam/Security Install Planning

    One of the great things about Blue Iris is that you can be that “someone” or “neighbor kid.” Position a camera, then, with BI set up to record it, walk around like an intruder. You can then sit at the console and experiment with different motion detection settings on that clip. Or, if you use a...
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    First Time Cam/Security Install Planning

    I got started with a 2nd gen i7 and a $60 Amcrest camera. I’m now running 8 cameras on that same machine, using Deepstack on 1 during the day and 2 at night. You can only learn so much by understanding “theory.” Get a box, POE switch, and a camera and start playing around with it. The only money...
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    Deepstack confirming alerts despite zone exclusions

    That‘s why I think it’s important to specify you only want alerts if you specify (check) that zone on the alerts tab. In the evening, when Blue Iris is being continually triggered by passing cars, I see the object rectangles from every passing car, but I don‘t get alerts because the motion is...
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    Deepstack confirming alerts despite zone exclusions

    I think I starting using it because I wanted to turn on motion (object?) rectangles to help me understand where the triggers were coming from, and it seemed logical that I’d need object detection for object rectangles. Guess I should re-read those portions of the BI help file again, lol.
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    Deepstack confirming alerts despite zone exclusions

    Yeah, I gotta admit I‘m a bit confused too. I spent a bunch of time getting this to work, but now it does. The zones that are still checked that Ikm not using are only that way because they were defaults that I did not change. BTW, at night I use a Zone B that is smaller than Zone A because of...
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    Deepstack confirming alerts despite zone exclusions

    Just to add some clarifications that may not be obvious: That's our house at the top left. Our driveway enters from the highway, then tees to either the attached garage at the house or towards the building where the camera is. If you look closely at Zone A, you'll note that it excludes parts...
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    Deepstack confirming alerts despite zone exclusions

    This is the scene I'm dealing with : And this is the image that Deepstack analyzed when my wife returned home: Here are the various BI settings I use:
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    Deepstack confirming alerts despite zone exclusions

    I‘m just seeing this now. Not sure how I missed your request. But I think your first mistake is considering me to be an expert worthy to be included in the group of sebastiantombs and wittaj. :) Give me a hour or so to finish my coffee and go feed the chickens, and then I‘ll head into my server...
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    Substreams and Murphy's law?

    Using sub streams doesn’t mean recording only sub streams. I record continuous to always record the main stream, but using the sub streams provides a way to minimize CPUusage and allows me to test/tune motion detection using sub streams. I see it as win/win.
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    Refurb tower with space for a 4-bay drive cage?

    I have a UPS for my BI PC because most of our outages are “blips” that last only a few seconds. My remote cams and switches come back very quickly, much quicker than the PC needing to reboot. On top of that, I was once told by an equipment manufacturer’s rep that a UPS serves as an excellent...
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    Motion and object detection: Blue Iris vs Deepstack vs Camera Features

    I have a situation like you describe. I set a zone that includes my driveway, but not the road in the background. Remember that with motion detection, Blue Iris is triggering on motion, not recognizing whether that motion is a person, vehicle, animal, or piece of trash blowing in the wind...
  16. Swampledge

    Upgrading question for best night vision outcome

    Can you put 1 or 2 IR illuminations next to that statue, then shut off the IR in your camera?
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    Continuous + Triggered: Sub stream vs. Mainstream

    Six of my 7 cameras (6 are 4 or 5 mp,, one is 2 mp) are set to record continuous. They are also set to 15 fps, and that gives me about 6 days‘ of storage on my 2TB drive.I ‘ve never needed to go back further in time. I’m also recording the sub streams from these cameras, for use in multi view...
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    Camera suggestion for dance studio live feed?

    Why does it need to be 4k?
  19. Swampledge

    Camera suggestion for dance studio live feed?

    If all you want to do is have a monitor display what’s happening in the studio without recording, why not simply use an analog camera connected directly to the display via HDMI?
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    Blue Iris with AI but which one though?

    As a relative NOOB, who started with Blue Iris one year ago, and with DS about 2 months ago, I was pleased with how easy it was to get DS running to eliminate false triggers on my problematic scenes. I‘ve been watching the SenseAI news carefully, and expect to switch once it appears more stable...
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    Let's get ready to rumble

    It's an iOS thing. I watched it in Safari on my MacBook Pro.
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    The price of storage has really come down.

    Fortunately, my wife is far more receptive to me adding cameras today than she was when I bought that Commodore 64 back in the 80’s somtime.
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    Poor IR contrast in new Tennessee license plates

    It appears to me that the reason that plate was so visible is that it is well lit by the vehicle’s (likely bright LED) license plate lights. If it had been an unlit front license plate, where IR illumination mattered, maybe not so good.
  24. Swampledge

    5442 impossible to correct color balance

    Because my camera network is distributed between three buildings, and our house is long and narrow, my 7 cameras are powered by 4 separate POE switches.
  25. Swampledge

    Overall Thoughts on Suspicious Truck

    We always tend to view the dark side of events like this. Ask yourself if there’s anything that might have been visible from where he stopped that might have interested him: maybe a unique color or trim scheme on your house, landscaping, or even a visible PTZ mounting scheme. About a year ago...
  26. Swampledge

    5442 impossible to correct color balance

    Just for chuckles, double check the bit rate on that camera. I had one I was using to test camera locations that had a funny color balance, too. Then I found it wasn’t providing a sharp picture on faces. The problem was the bit rate was too low. I think the camera‘s GUI/firmware changed it when...
  27. Swampledge

    New to BI

    I think the BI app on iOS is well worth the $10, but everyone’s perception is different. I have an instance of Chrome that automatically opens UI3 showing all my cams maximized which is nice for a quick check of “right now,” but I find the iOS app preferable if I want to see what happened what...
  28. Swampledge

    Adding an ONVIF/IVS camera to Blue Iris

    Thanks so much for this. I have a Dahua camera since last fall that I had used only for testing purposes, without setting up the IVS. Just yesterday, I installed it ”permanently” and was having difficulty getting the ONVIF trigger to fire in BI. I picked up my iPad and searched ipcamtalk and...
  29. Swampledge

    Junction box / spacer for PFB203W (5442TM-AS)

    I don‘t know if you plan to finish the installation with some type of vinyl or other material, but since you plan to mount the PFB203W to the exposed rafter, couldn’t you just attach a short piece of 2x6 to the rafter and then attach the Dahua mount to it? If you plan to trim it out later, use a...
  30. Swampledge

    IP Cam Talk Custom Community DeepStack Model

    Thanks, @MikeLud1 and @105437. The little stinker comes by most nights, so I should be able to get a real world test quickly. I figured I was likely close on my settings because the same cam identifies me as a person under that profile. Now, if it identifies me as a skunk after I make those...