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  1. Mariofs

    slow wifi connection NVR to Wifi cameras Dahua

    hi I have three SD1A404XB wifi cameras connected to a Dahua NVR 2104 wifi. The closest one at about 10 meters works correctly, but the two furthest ones at 20 and 30 meters work slowly with jumps in the image. All three have direct vision with the NVR, any suggestions to improve speed. Thank you
  2. Mariofs

    connect wifi cameras to NVR 1000 meters away

    hi I wanted to ask help an installation The project is to connect 5 motorized wifi cameras to a dahua wifi recorder NVR that is a kilometer away where I have access to a switch that has internet access. Connect the 5 cameras to an access point (the furthest camera is 100 meters from the...
  3. Mariofs

    DH-SD1A203T camera problem

    I have just done it. I have put the camera in DHCP. I find it with the POE injector and confgiure it. But when I connect it to the DVR it doesn't see it and I have configured the swith in and gateway
  4. Mariofs

    DH-SD1A203T camera problem

    I read the entire post but not find solution :(. I can't find the difference of the POE via injector or via NVR I more or less understand how it works. i acces via web interface NVR For the cameras I have put the range 192.168.1.X For the NVR because the main network of my work is...
  5. Mariofs

    DH-SD1A203T camera problem

    I don't understand what can happen. If I connect the camera to a POE injector it works and I can see it from a PC directly accessing the IP of the camera. But when I connect it to the DVR, it can't find it. If I connect it to a POE TP-link switch, it can't find it either by accessing the IP of...
  6. Mariofs

    DH-SD1A203T camera problem

    Hello, I have a dahua DH-SD1A203T camera that I see on my network and I can configure it. But when I connect it to a my NVR2104HS POE NVR dahua can't find it, and I can't add it manually either. Any suggestion thanks