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  1. NetWorker

    [How to] Telephone alerts in BI with OBi200?

    That is how I was trying to describe the connection my post. It's the HiRO H50006 TargetDirect link for spec and image reference : Image of the important parts of the modem ...
  2. NetWorker

    [How to] Telephone alerts in BI with OBi200?

    Hey fenderman, thanks for the reply. I don't always get the notifications and often distracted from them but a phone call gets my attention. I want to use a phone call for specific cameras indoors because it will less likely be a false positive if motion is detected and want to take that...
  3. NetWorker

    [How to] Telephone alerts in BI with OBi200?

    Is anyone using this device for telephone alerts? I don't know how to set this up. Not sure if I need a physical modem in my computer. BI help seems to indicate that I do. Here are the capabilities of the OBi200 :
  4. NetWorker

    Use BIT to update bp2008 webserver files

    Thank you both for the clarification
  5. NetWorker

    window 10

    I believe you can uninstall windows update KB3035583 programs and features -> show updates -> search for it and choose "uninstall"
  6. NetWorker

    Use BIT to update bp2008 webserver files

    Can I use BIT to update to the latest and greatest version of bp2008's webserver files? Instead of going to the thread and doing a manual download each time. I know it works the first time around but does the "Download & Install bp's Web Server Files" button keep it up to date? I assume it...
  7. NetWorker

    Mini movie. Get your popcorn!

    While it may not be smart to go after him like that, emotion is hard to resist. I love that you overpower that loser and punch him repeatedly. Not gonna lie, it made me feel pretty good. :) I had a similar incident happen when someone come into our home while we were sleeping. My wife caught...
  8. NetWorker

    Why I have cameras

    What's sad is he doesn't look poor or anything. Knows better and not doing it to survive. Verdict : off with his hands!
  9. NetWorker

    Windows 10 - Auto Startup Problem w/ Blue Iris

    Hi Michael, Have you considered disabling UAC? I realize this is a potential security risk but I believe that is the issue you are encountering. Not sure why it's not remembering the preferences you set. I always turn it off first thing with a fresh PC.
  10. NetWorker

    Camera system needed for small business

    Thanks for the powerline suggestion, I had not considered that. I agree that wireless is not the way to go if I wish to avoid interference and performance issues. I don't think motion detection is going to be used with this setup. They think employees are stealing and treating the animals...
  11. NetWorker

    Camera system needed for small business

    Hi All, looking for some experienced recommendations on this one. A small business has asked me install a camera system for them. They sell pet supplies and groom animals and the owner wants at least 4 cameras to start out with. There are 3 rooms they want to cover. * The main room is...
  12. NetWorker

    silly cat!

    hahah, cats ARE silly. I like how it thinks nobody saw that happen. Nobody but the camera :)
  13. NetWorker

    Review - TOP-201 Super Mini 720P HD IP-Cam (The Cheapest IP Cam So Far !!)

    I realize this is a long thread but I highly recommend that you go back and sift through it because you will be amazed at the amount of information in it. Specifically check out lojix's posts and tutorials :) Where did you get your CMS installer?
  14. NetWorker

    Disconnect from WiFi network

    kind of an odd work around but I'll take it! I did read about someone wanting to turn off WiFi radio but that seems unnecessary for this situation.
  15. NetWorker

    Disconnect from WiFi network

    Hello : I set up the DS-2CD2432F-IW on my WiFi network and now I want to remove. How do I do that? I see I can change the specified network adapter but it when I try to remove the IP address or key, it says the field cannot be blank. My router is handing out 2 IPs or now (Wired and Wireless)
  16. NetWorker

    The lowest priced dahua 3mp cameras!

    I want one of everything!
  17. NetWorker

    Hello Friends

    TomSmith4345, welcome to the forums.
  18. NetWorker

    IR illuminator

    which model(s) are you using?
  19. NetWorker

    Review - TOP-201 Super Mini 720P HD IP-Cam (The Cheapest IP Cam So Far !!)

    Thanks lojix! Just what I was looking for. Do you mind sharing some pictures on how you did it? I did not see a tear down guide in the previous posts. Checking out your new lens though, good stuff!
  20. NetWorker

    Review - TOP-201 Super Mini 720P HD IP-Cam (The Cheapest IP Cam So Far !!)

    Where did you get your POE boards? I'm interested in doing the same thing. A link for the make/model would be great.
  21. NetWorker

    Which firmware is the best?

    I'm torn on updating the firmware because I prefer that all cams are running the same version but it also seems like it's not worth the risk from the horror stories I've read here. My suggestion is stick what you have and enjoy it's fully functional state but doesn't hurt to follow future...
  22. NetWorker

    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    @mik You might find these links helpful :
  23. NetWorker

    No Signal with Foscam FI9804W

    When you select Foscam from the drop down list, what is the "path" it generates?
  24. NetWorker

    late night prowler

    Disturbing but also impressive. I admire your watchful eye :) Wish I had more people around my neighborhood looking out look this. Guess I need to step up and start the trend. 2 days ago from a neighbors window (just happened to be visiting at the time) I watched some sketchy guys in a work...
  25. NetWorker

    Raspberry Pi 2 Let me know if you need help to get it up and running.
  26. NetWorker

    Woman gets almost robbed

    Do they leave their car unlocked? I hope your cameras installs help catch this trash. Is it a high crime area they live in? Probably drugs, taking over it seems like...
  27. NetWorker

    Woman gets almost robbed

    haha, I'm gonna call that the drama cam. Never a dull moment at that house...
  28. NetWorker

    Raspberry Pi 2

    have you considered using them as IP cameras? Raspberry Pi as low-cost HD surveillance camera - CodeProject
  29. NetWorker

    Woman gets almost robbed

    isn't this same camera where your buddy backed the vehicle up and slid into the house?
  30. NetWorker

    Raspberry Pi 2

    I own several RPi's and have a specific use for each of them. My primary use an HTPC running OpenELEC (XBMC) because of the low power consumption for 24 x 7 up time. I'm also using another one (running Raspbian) to turn lights on/off around the house while I'm not home. The 3rd one is a...