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    Record / Export quality issue

    @looney2ns The camera only allows a max of 8192. I did have it at 8192 until this morning but export issue still exist. Stll doesn't explain why clips are exporting at 10fps. I tried various encoder profile options as well. One more note. The export quality was a lot better just about...
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    Record / Export quality issue

    When I create a clip from the timeline and then export it, the quality is always less than live viewing and/or what it should be based on the camera settings (image attached). No sub stream is configured either. I have two cameras that are set at 30FPS, etc but the exported clips are always...
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    SmartPSS stopped recording

    I have been tinkering this past week with SmartPSS, as an addition to my BI setup for various reasons. IT worked fine for two days and then just stopped recording. I have three cameras that record for Events and two cameras that record continuous. Anyone have any idea what causes this??? I...
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    Recommendation for Indoor Dahua 4k camera??

    Is anyone using a Dahua 4k camera for Indoor use? Living room, bedroom, etc? - Recommendations? I typically use Dahua on the outside and the cheaper oem Amcrest on the inside but I can only find 1080p cameras. I do have one 2k Amcrest but the video isn't great. I think I need to work on the...
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    Battery recommendations and/or portable hotspot ideas for wifi camera... ideas?

    I would like to deploy 2 or 3 cameras in a location that does not have wifi access. I wanted to setup a hotspot (phone maybe) and also one or two access points. Anyone seen anything like this? Especially a portable power source. Maybe use PoE as an option. The google cameras actually have...
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    Recomendations for indoor camera

    Awesome. I wlll check it out. Thank you,
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    Recomendations for indoor camera

    I'm looking for another Dahua camera to put in my living room. IT's a large living with an open area leading to the kitchen and second living room. Looked at some fisheye I just want to catch as much video as possible, widescreen and a decent mic. Any recommendations? I'm asking because i have...