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    Yet another Custom DeepStack model aimed to detect people

    The attached model file was updated to the latest iteration on 20.04.2021 and on 22.04.2022 Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you yet another custom DeepStack model! TL/DR: The model is built with a real security task in mind, using CCTV footage only; can reliably detect people with a very...
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    Hell Yeah! Direct Deepstack Integration - 5.4.0 - March 31, 2021

    Yes, you can, but no way it takes an hour. You need to collect and label at least 100 images for each class you want to detect from your CCTV feed (and you have to train the model using pictures of people in different positions, crouching etc...), then your first model will give you a lot of...
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    DeepStack Case Study: Performance from CPU to GPU version

    According to NVIDIA you should be fine: "since CUDA is backward compatible, existing CUDA applications can continue to be used with newer CUDA versions"
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    DeepStack processing times are equal for main stream and sub stream?

    I've run a few tests and found that processing times are the same for the main stream (1920x1080) and the sub-stream (856x480). I'm attaching the images - two for mode=low and two for mode=high. I also tried sending a sample image gradually reducing its resolution to the API endpoint and got...