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    Cable for SFP switch port?

    They make OSP Fiber. It's cheap if you look in the right places.
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    Fish-EYE Camera support (Please...Pretty Please....Cherry On Top!

    Samsung SNF-8010 / SNF-8010VM has onboard de-warping
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    Cable for SFP switch port?

    There is an SFP module that goes into the port of the switch. You choose your SFP module then the type of fiber and connectors the SFP module is designed to transmit and receive over.
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    iVMS-4200 Windows 10 - hangs

    I had it running solid on 7 for awhile. Finally upgraded to 10 and it crashes, can't get it to start up on boot up, screens white out...
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    How Do You Terminate Cat5 Cable?

    If you have never tried a Panduit RJ-45, you should. Expensive, but quick and easy.
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    How Do You Terminate Cat5 Cable?

    +1 B standard
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    Exterior Cat6 - Never realized it was so hard to find actual "real" outdoor cable

    Hello? Is anyone listening? If you want indoor/outdoor, use a CMR/CMX cable like this.
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    Exterior Cat6 - Never realized it was so hard to find actual "real" outdoor cable

    Plenty of outdoor Cat6 options are available. I never understood the logic of trying to save $20 a box of cable, only to realize the costs of troubleshooting and re-pulling bad lines. Here's a few options. These should cost you less than $300 a box. Notice you can find legit data sheets and...
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    Calculating UPS Run Time?

    Yeah, Efficiency is not calculated into any of those things. I know APC and MinuteMan had pretty good calculator tools. I'm guessing CyberPower does too. Sometimes you can find some common electronics already in their drop downs / selections.
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    Vince's home automation build - far from done

    Holy shit, I barely have time to read through all this let alone take on a project like this. Awesome work! Thanks for all the cool pics.
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    Please help me with security system for an optical shop

    I think BICSI made exceptions to their normal standards of terminating the permanent horizontal cabling to accommodate security installations. Does anyone keep current with their TDMM?
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    Please help me with security system for an optical shop

    The installer makes money on the material, because he sources it, carry's some cost associated with possessing it for however long, dealing with the paperwork (tax certs, etc) and warrantying it. Ask him how much he is going to charge you to come back and fix a camera you provided vs a camera he...
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    Xeon vs i7 Haswell

    I have a 1231v3 in one of my machines, I figured I'd be using a dedicated gpu anyways on this one so why pay $100 more for the i7? It's basically the same.
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    Sunday Attic Party -- Loving Life

    I used to sell these for $80 a set. Total bummer when you drop one in a wall cavity. Harbor Freights are $10-15. Get's the job done and doesn't ruin your day when you lose a couple or leave them behind.
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    My ISP's marketing department has hit a new low

    Google Fiber went down for 2 hours the other day and everyone around here was losing their mind. Everyone has already forgotten about Comcast and Time Warner apparently. Google even issued a 2 day credit proactively to everyone. My Comcast issues would last for days and weeks. Google fiber has...
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    FIber optic power level question

    What everyone else says...installing fiber is easy, troubleshooting it is expensive. The first thing to check is terminations.
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    Why do businesses use such crappy security cameras?

    Most of my customers were structured network cabling contractors. Some of them were Integrators, some security system companies, some end users. It was much easier for the integrators to learn how to pull cable than the cabling contractors to learn how to install network devices. The big...
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    alarm output voltage and current

    Do you have a link for the Arduino relay you used?
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    New system hardware specs

    I just upgraded my home system from an FX-4300 processor to a Xeon E3-1231v3, and it is a world of improvement during playback with the HikVision client software. It went from constant 100% CPU usage to 10-17% with 4 cameras running live. FYI, the Xeon is $209 at MicroCenter and is the same as...
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    Lets do another Fun capture

    Why do people do a-hole things with cars and then get angry at the victims of their discourtesy, traffic violations, and general stupidity?
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    IVMS-4500 Removed from Apple App Store

    ughhhh. Just getting ready to go out of town. Really didn't want to take this off my phone right now. Thanks for the info guys.
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    Installation help

    I drill holes in the eves. Then I use fishing rods and poke three or four of them into the attic so the reach a comfortable spot to get to. Go back in the attic and tape the cables to the fish rods. Then I pull the fish rods out with the cable from outside. No squeezing into tight attic spaces.
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    LTS IP Cameras firmware

    Will the LTS firmware run with IVMS-4200? I have my first LTS cam on the way and I do not use Blue Iris.
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    Why I have cameras

    I don't use a HikVision NVR, but I do have cameras send an email to my gmail account. I use filters on my gmail account to forward the email to my Sprint SMS gateway. I need to play around with push notifications on the mobile app a little more. Seems like they have made many improvements since...
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    Why I have cameras

    Set up an email filter and forward to your SMS gateway.
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    AliExpress - Who are people using?

    Let us know how it works out. Don't drink and Ali source cams...
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    iVMS-4200 Client (v2.3.1.3) won't playback motion detection events

    I got it to work. I can only pull events by time though. I noticed this has a VCA button. It looks like you have to have cameras that support this functionality in order to search recordings by a particular type of event/trigger. I wish the documentation was a little clearer. It appears the in...
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    iVMS-4200 Client (v2.3.1.3) won't playback motion detection events

    Well, I installed this version and it is not playing nice. It's not finding the storage server.
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    iVMS-4200 Client (v2.3.1.3) won't playback motion detection events

    Hmmm, I need to check out the newer version.
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    Mini movie. Get your popcorn!

    Nice vid! I have to nag my wife about car doors too. Our newer Honda locks the doors within about 30 seconds of not being in it with the doors shut. I almost want to disable that feature because it get's old when you unlock the doors from the house, run outside to get something from the car...