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    HD-SDI Dome Camera

    Google search will hopefully assist, with your requirements?
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    New Dahua DMSS Mobile App Problems

    I do agree that the DMSS application, is a real let down for the quality Dahua kit. I install the kit for customers and the application is very disappointing for basic tasks. Even the cheaper crap CCTV products offer a better user friendly application. In my opinion it's the most disappointing...
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    Upgrade NVR and Dahua IP Cameras

    Your original question is somewhat limited about the issues your experiencing. Apparently your ungrateful for the display on your OLED display? Without guessing your setup to view on the display. Elaboration is required for your setup/configurations is required please.
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    Newbie checking in from UK

    Hi, You need a PC/Laptop to access NVR internal LAN web address then the camera via the IE icon (that your missing on local NVR access) on the camera list page, to adjust settings via Internet Explorer. Good luck.
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    Newbie checking in from UK

    You need to access the NVR then camera for adjustments via a web browser, ideally Internet Explorer. Not the local NVR interface.
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    only partial IPC features available after adding it to XVR (hybrid NVR + DVR of Dahua)

    Yes indeed unfortunately! It works if you don't mind the many quirks!
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    only partial IPC features available after adding it to XVR (hybrid NVR + DVR of Dahua)

    I also have an XVR 7 series and unfortunately your limited to just constant or basic motion detection features, on any IP camera added to the XVR.
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    Hikvision >> Set IP Address Filter by wrongdoing

    Well done for the translation. I thought I had cataracts at mid 50's years of age!
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    Dahua NVR W/ VPN Setup - Push Notifications

    I as many I understand. Have had issues with anything apart from standard motion detection push notifications to the Dahua DMSS application. IVS and any AI notifications would not forward. This has been the case on firmwares above 7.1 for the NVR 5216. Messing around on a rainy UK afternoon. I...
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    font issues on Dahua IP cameras

    So many issues under a thread that was about the hated fonts. Now it's the hated inaccurate IVS performance. Much advise has been provided and the conclusion is it's a poor standard camera and you may of not optimized settings for the view or IVS better functionality. Please take the advise...
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    LTS NVR Very Slow and Crashes during Export

    Sounds like indeed one of the hard drives have failed. Typical Hik that has this issue when one hard drive fails and it puts all resources into an effort to recover the harddrive failure. Reboot may assist? Or swapping harddrive?
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    ***PSA for those with a New DAHUA NVR with Built-in PoE switch

    Sorry that doesn't make a lot of sense. If you cannot access the web UI with the toggle of the controls you have done. How can you turn off and on the so called firewall control?
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    120 fps ip camera

    Could get 10 Reolink quality IP cameras run at 12 FPS each. Stack them all horizontal in front of house? Sorted? Think they do MPEG only so sorry for the lack of hevc stuff.
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    font issues on Dahua IP cameras

    You can drag your hated time/date fonts to any other position on the camera view?
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    ***PSA for those with a New DAHUA NVR with Built-in PoE switch

    Good on you, for your patience on your advice bigredfish. Seems the problems are going round in circles!
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    ***PSA for those with a New DAHUA NVR with Built-in PoE switch

    It's very wise to download the user quick start guide and full user manual for your NVR. Look up the model unit on the Dahua website and have a read of the unit instructions. Hopefully this can assist you.
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    Dahua NVR5232-4KS2 - Naming problem with XMeye cameras)

    Oh can't wait. Perhaps a Xmas treat and give us a clue on your resolve?
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    dahua 5MP real 16.9

    Looks like your CVI camera coaxial or connections are causing the issue. Never seen a CVI camera cause that issue. Check the coaxial cable BNC connectors and cable.
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    Dahua 4MP IP Camera setting look poor

    It is allways wise to download the user manual for your Dahua NVR. It will hopefully explain the basic workings of the unit you have acquired. It will also hopefully explain the display options your camera views.
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    Dahua 4MP IP Camera setting look poor

    Turn off the not so smart "smart codec". And as others have stated, up the bit rate for the main recording stream. Then take Wittaj's advise on fine tuning the camera for optimal exposure/image settings for the location views.
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    Hikvision line crossing markers in video stream

    Could use a felt tip or marker pen and draw them on the screen?
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    Worlds First Review - Dahua - IPC-Color4K-X / DH-IPC-HFW5849T1-ASE-LED - Full Color 4K Camera

    It was only a joke! And to transfer the hassle for wittaj.
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    Worlds First Review - Dahua - IPC-Color4K-X / DH-IPC-HFW5849T1-ASE-LED - Full Color 4K Camera

    Oh sorry my mistake. I thought suppliers such as Reolink had excellent customer services!
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    Worlds First Review - Dahua - IPC-Color4K-X / DH-IPC-HFW5849T1-ASE-LED - Full Color 4K Camera

    Zak. I would advise you contact the manufacturers of the cameras that you may wish to purchase. Hopefully they can answer your multiple queries. Good luck.
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    Camera webpage not showing

    If you're on windows 10? Use IE (Internet Explorer). It's still embedded within the operating system (OS). Unfortunately IE is still required for full functionality of current devices for optimal configuration & view, etc.
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    Camera webpage not showing

    Use Internet Explorer & accept the plugin.
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    Dahua NVR Web Interface text not showing properly after upgrade

    Use Internet Explorer and see what it looks like. You will ideally need to accept the web plugins.
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    5232-16P-4KS2E, noisy power supply

    If it's excessively noisy and you purchased a new product. It may be inherently faulty. So could seek a warranty claim. Or........ A pair of ear defenders, cotton wall in your ears?
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    NVR5416 remote access bandwidth

    From your message I understand you are trying to view the CCTV remotely away from your LAN (local area network/home connectivity). What is the LAN connectivity like for view and playback?
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    Dahua xvr not showing motion or alarm on timeline

    Looks like you have setup the Snapshot schedule rather than the Record schedule?