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    WD Purple new -> Dead

    I started buying Seagate Skyhawk drives since I've had some more issues recently with WD Purple. People seem to think that you may be getting refurbs or similar from Amazon and I'm inclined to agree.
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    [FS] NEW - LTS 4MP Bullet Motorized 2.8mm-12mm

    Link on LTS Website: Platinum Motorized Varifocal Bullet Network IP Camera 4.1MP I purchased this about 3 years ago for a side project and never used it. I unboxed it, verified functionality and upgrade to the latest available firmware. Will come with everything in the box - manuals, screws...
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    FPS in application lower than value set on camera

    This is possibly your issue. Take a single 1080p camera and set it to VBR with a cap at something around 8Mbps and see if that helps. It's possible that you are hitting your bandwidth cap so the camera drops frames to stay beneath the 4Mbps mark.
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    Need help connecting LTS Doorbell with Lorex NVR

    Glad that a firmware update worked for you! Post up some screen shots of the FoV!
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    Need help connecting LTS Doorbell with Lorex NVR

    Seems weird that you can't see the web page of the door bell but I haven't been able to play with it yet. I can take a guess that there is no driver for the doorbell in NVMS that will let you configure it. Can you try a different browser? Any chance that it is a conflicting IP within your local...
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    Need help connecting LTS Doorbell with Lorex NVR

    Can you post a screen shot of the config options when you go directly to the doorbell? I'm thinking you have to set it to ONVIF on that end.
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    Looking for Outdoor camera

    Plenty of options. What type of recording and access to the camera do you want? Is local storage enough? Do you have power available there?
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    Commercial Setup

    Is that your budget with installation as well, or are you guys handling the install? I think you can get a decent system for that price. I would definitely map out key coverage areas and minimum resolution and storage requirements before moving forward.
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    How do I get the best possible live video feed?

    You will not get anything better than 1080P live view. What are you asking?
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    Little Overwhelmed - Swimming Pool PTZ System Advice

    Any thought to doing away with the PTZ and going with a multi-sensor camera? Arecont (meh), Axis, Avigilon, etc all have different variations out there that give some really good picture and coverage. If it is pitch black at night, I would definitely recommend going with a separate IR and never...
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    Connecting IP cams to switch to PC - Can I do this?

    You can definitely do cameras --> switch --> PC and have that as a LAN so they are not accessible to the outside world. You can then open a port on the other network for the 2nd port and have remote access to the machine with BI.
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    IP Cameras comparable Axis

    fenderman - I haven't compared a starlight to anything so I can't create a comparison there. I was more so referencing a Dahua/Hik 4MP dome vs. an Axis 2MP dome in normal lighting conditions. I don't get to play with the Dahua/HIKs as much as I'd like.
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    IP Cameras comparable Axis

    Just my .02..... I've run Axis/Avigilon 2MP head-to-head with Dahua/HIK 4MP cameras and the Axis/Avigilon's blow them out of the water - especially when viewing in a VMS/digital zooming, etc. More pixels doesn't mean that much of the quality of the components aren't great. I'm a bit biased as...
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    Photography forum recommendations. Digital Photography Forums Good people and will give you technical help as well as photography critiquing.
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    Good source to buy IP items at

    Please send me a copy of the catalog. Thanks.
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    Retail Business needing 36 cameras

    Agree but it looks like dss is an installer so you are always worried about profit not always about the customer lol.
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    Hi from LI, NY

    @Rykman - interesting that you have a gopher as your icon. Do you have a reason behind that?
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    Retail Business needing 36 cameras

    Lol, this thread is great. @fenderman - you are correct in that PC based setups are better - but they are usually more expensive. Licenses (camera and client), software agreements, etc. For a house or business using 4, 8 or 16 cameras, 95% of the time a PC based has no advantage to an...
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    Looking for dahu authorized resellers to sell to residential

    Nelly's has referred customers to me so I can't complain. Their tech support is excellent and I obviously buy from them when they refer a customer. Are you trying to resell to customers? If you are fairly technical you will see some savings buying in bulk from Alibaba/AliExpress but will usually...
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    Hik Vision DVR help please :(

    I'm always weary of the EZVIZ stuff since it's owned by Hikvision. Why not go the route of DynDNS which is free for the minor inconvenience of clicking a link in an email every 30 days?
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    Looking for IP Camera system for Business

    Remember that you are limited to 300ft. on your cable runs. You will probably need to put switches in or you can go with PoE extenders as another option. Post up a google earth view of the property and maybe post some pictures of where you'd like to mount cameras. That way we can recommend...
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    WTB: 1-2 hrs consultant time and potentially 50 - 200 cameras

    Are you considering a camera alternative to those parking sensors that cover each spot?
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    Recommended Hikvision NVR seller?

    I've used a ton of LTS equipment (cameras, NVRs) over the past few years. Pretty competitive pricing and good support.
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    Two cams with two different angles don't record at same time.

    Most likely has to do with the object size. Are you using the in camera motion recording or BI motion recording?
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    free software

    Use BlueIris on a dedicated PC and you will be happy. I have not seen anyone using a tablet/notebook as a dedicated recording device that is happy. Most people are okay with just taking a look at live footage. Fenderman is one of the most helpful people on the forums and will give you straight...
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    New Jersey N00b

    Hey, I'm in the NY/NJ area. If you ever need help or advice feel free to reach out to me. Welcome to the forum!
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    Recommendation for a very compact HD IP camera?

    The M3014 is made for drop ceilings so it will really depend on what you can use in the store. Also, 1MP vs 3MP sensors (although I'm sure the Axis 1MP is better than your standard chinese 1MP camera). They are both small cameras but the Axis has no IR.
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    Recommendation for a very compact HD IP camera?

    Hands down winner for me - Hikvision DS-2CD2532-I. I've personally used this alot and they are easy to paint to match the walls and are very small and best of all cheap. Only fall back is that they max out at a 6mm lens.
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    Recommendation for a very compact HD IP camera?

    What's your budget and video quality requirements? There are way too many options.