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  1. aerostar

    Bricked Amcrest

    Top secret instructions for resetting here:
  2. aerostar

    Best Way to Batch-convert Clips?

    Hello. I have a relatively special problem and I'm wondering if there's solution. I'm hoping one or more of you Blue Iris Gurus can help me out with it. I have about two days worth of clips (with alerts) that I'd like to convert from BVR to a standard MP4 format. I'm aware that BI can do...
  3. aerostar

    Neighbor's Pickup Truck Stolen Early This Morning.

    For sure, they must have cased the scene out before. Did you notice there was a small flash of light that came on from under the truck in the beginning of the video? I wonder if they were searching for a magnetic key safe or were trying to defeat the vehicle security systems.
  4. aerostar

    Neighbor's Pickup Truck Stolen Early This Morning.

    Nice catch, great footage. I need to step up my game. Next thing these cameras need are mechanical filter systems that can cut certain frequencies of light, such as tungsten and other common headlight spectrums. Those headlights almost defeated the camera.
  5. aerostar

    Blue Iris UI3

    Any idea what's good/new about besides the fact that it works?
  6. aerostar

    What is "record no signal and inactive frames" option

    I know this is an old thread, but I have a related question. Would it be fair to say that recording "no signal" conditions would be useful to help synchronize clips from various, related cameras that captured video of the same event on say, for example a video editing app timeline? In other...
  7. aerostar

    Area of interest shift

    Definitely no fun to use. You have to toggle the flip in a particular sequence after you first clone the camera and close the setup menu and you have to hold your tongue out at just the right angle and with some luck, it works, otherwise you have to delete the clone and start all over again...
  8. aerostar

    IP Camera - save to own FTP or own cloud

    You need to access the camera directly (outside of Blue Iris), using a web browser and entering the IP of the camera in the address bar, or using any of the camera management software provided by the camera manufacturer that allows you to play back your footage directly from the camera.