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  1. whoslooking

    Hikvison IP cameras for sale

    Hi All I have a number of Camera for sale which are all new and boxed. These are. 5no DS-2CD2555FWD-IS 2.8mm 5mp 5no DS-2CD2165G0-I 2.8mm 6mp Black 5no DS-2CD2123G0-IU 2.8mm 2mp 4no DS-2CD2723G0-IZS 2.8-12mm 2mp 2no DS2-CD2T43G0-I5 4mm 4mp All Retail boxed all UK versions. If your interested...
  2. whoslooking

    Aliexpress Real Prices

    Finally Hikvision camera's at the correct prices on AE for the world region models. The prices are now the same (almost) as the UK trade prices. It seems that there is life after they forced the sellers not sell Chinese hacked models. Take a look if your in need for a new camera whigh is...
  3. whoslooking

    MTD HACK made easy on Video

    As I keep getting loads of requests and PM's on how to do the MTD hack I thought i would video it being done. It's a simple process of lowering the 02 to 01 and changing the date by one. Yes your date maybe different. yes your checksum maybe different, Just make sure it's is the same value...
  4. whoslooking

    Huisun 1.3mp Speed Dome PTZ with Auto Tracking and wiper

    The day has come and I now have the Huisun Speed Dome 1.3mp Auto tracking and wiper 20X zoom full PTZ. Well first Impressions after just five minutes with this baby is fuck me, no way not for this price not for this quality it's awesome. The auto tracking is bang on the image is so...
  5. whoslooking

    Huisun IP PTZ Camera, with Hikvision Protocols

    Brand, Huisun Model, DM-SCB405IP-V10 I have just received this camera from Ali Express, and first impressions are good, high quality images and smooth easy movement and the 10x optical zoom is spot on. It runs on a stripped down Hikvison firmware that's the first thing a Hikvision fan will...
  6. whoslooking

    Ali Express / Ebay Sellers who Supply firmware and support.

    With all the seller's out there, we need to look at the ones who give some level of support. That's the seller's who will share the firmware with you when asked, as well naming the ones that don't. Also what would help is you store this firmware to a dropbox share for others to use. Or PM me...
  7. whoslooking

    DS-7832n-E2 Chinese to English

    Just started playing with a ds-7832n-e2 brought on Ali Express for $147 delivered. Build Date was 05/2015 firmware installed was as you would expect Chinese. So time for a bit of playing, first I took 7600 firmware 3.10 and tftp it on, which gave me strange results. The NVR went from a 32ch to...
  8. whoslooking

    Custom Firmware Downgrader 5.3.0 Chinese to 5.2.5 English

    To restore functions removed by 5.3.0 For Versions 5.3.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: This is not for 2cdxxx0 or xxx5 models Allows Chinese region Cameras to become English to work with your NVR without the...
  9. whoslooking

    NVR 7816n/sht/n firmware.

    Chinese 7816n/sht/n Has anyone found a compatible English firmware for this NVR? or a version of firmware older than 3.1.3 As the new version seems to have a LZMA tar file but, Im unable to unpack it as it's a new format. Thanks.
  10. whoslooking

    Save face detection error??

    Adding face detection but save error?? Any ideas anyone. <ResponseStatus xmlns="" version="2.0"> <requestURL> /ISAPI/Smart/capabilities <isSupportFaceDetect>true</isSupportFaceDetect> </requestURL> <statusCode>4</statusCode>...
  11. whoslooking

    Hikvision 5.2.5 & 5.2.8 Full English (INC DAYS OF WEEK) mtd Hack

    Full English Including days of the week for Version 5.2.5 & 5.2.8. This Again is the mtd5 & mt6 Hack, but requires you to maintain the checksum -16 to the original value. So if you change the region flag from Chinese to EN / US you need to find the other correct value to also change allowing...
  12. whoslooking

    HIKVISION mtd Brick Recovery Guide

    HIKvision MTD Brick Recovery This is to recover you bricked camera, after trying to do the MTD5 & MTD6 and failing. You will need the 5.2.5 firmware get it here. Also Hikvision's tftp updater and an ftp program (I use Cute ftp) & of...
  13. whoslooking

    Hikvision Permanent Region Change

    I have made this a little bit easier to follow, as some people seemed to struggle with original. This will allow you to use the English and Multi Language firmware without any hacks and it's Permanent! First you need MTDUTILS, free open source Linux utilities to read/write to MTD. So easy...