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  1. eviveiro

    Help unbricking a Dahua NVR with TFTP and serial connection.

    I think you have an older model than what I have been playing with lately, but I mistakenly tried using a RS232 to connect to my board and all I got was a bunch of {RXERR}. I bought a UART TTL usb adapter from amazon and when I connected that everything worked out. I think there is actually...
  2. eviveiro

    Dahua 4k Firmware Logo insertion

    You may have already tried it, but I used the firmware mod kit here here to change the logo on my NVR from the unbranded logos to the branded logos, and it worked out. I think the script in the kit is already set up to do the 4KS2 models. It looks like you were using windows, so the only issue...
  3. eviveiro

    Dahua NVR2108-8P-S2/NVR-NV21A08-P8-S2 Custom Firmware

    Hi All, So I have been working on figuring out how to create my own custom firmware for my Unbranded Dahua NVR-NV21A08-P8-S2 using build root. The NVR has a Hisilicon Hi3520Dv300 chip in it. Despite the chips name it is not the same as the Hi3520Dv200 chip. Through some research I found that...