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    Had a theft, going hog on cameras. Need your advice.

    Cameras are only one part of a Security Plan. If seen they can provide a deterrent and capture an event. They will not stop someone however. An Alarm System with a lawn sign is a part of a deterrent and can summon help. Parking cars in a garage keeps them from being broken into. Consider a dog...
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    Dahua Mounting Adaptor Chart For All Cameras

    I found this PDF file which shows which adapter to use for which Dahua camera for mounting. I found it very helpful. It is in flow chart format. Could not find it in the installation section as a document.
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    NVR5216-4KS2 will this handle 8 Starlight PTZ cameras at once?

    Looking for the correct NVR to handle up to 8 Starlight 2mp Dauha SD4922T-HN cameras at once with all the functions turned on? Will this one do that? Thanks for your thoughts.