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    problem getting NSC -2A4-PTZ camera to reset

    Hi spfrancis, I have the same model I purchased Nelly's and I am having the same issue resetting the password. What process was successful for you? Thanks, Chris
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    By chance does anyone here know the Torx bit screwdriver size for the security screws?
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    This worked for me. Thank you.
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    Same thing happened to me. Tried to upgrade to Nelly's Security firmware and bricked it with the solid red light. This process worked for me. I have a DS-HD1 that was listed as a "Hikvision OEM white label" when I purchased it from ebay. Neither the unit or packaging have any name or logo on it...