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  1. bp2008

    Garbage Truck Fire

    I was always taught if you absolutely must exit a vehicle with a power line on it then you should hop out and completely clear the vehicle before any part of you touches the ground. Arms pulled in to prevent subconsciously holding onto the vehicle. Like they show here:
  2. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    Depending on how you are remoting in, it may do a better job of realtime video encoding than Blue Iris does. 4K video streams are difficult to encode, and in almost all cases Blue Iris is only using software encoding whereas some other programs, especially commercial remote desktop stuff, will...
  3. bp2008

    Remote management stretched video?

    Try the pencil icon in the top bar, right button in this snippet: Then right click the camera, and probably one of the "aspect" related options there will fix it. Also, you've really messed up your streaming profile there to an extent that it may cause additional problems. For starters...
  4. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    Same for me. I don't remember where that list comes from. Lets see.... Ken is now supplying a folder object where it used to just be folder names... okay it is fixed in UI3-230. You can install ahead of the next BI release by following the Manual installation steps.
  5. bp2008

    SSD HD Failure 2nd time :(

    The Alerts folder is usually only used for high res jpeg snapshots when the camera is triggered, if you have that enabled. Not sure if it gets used for anything else. I set mine to a 1 GB size limit and it is holding 9101 files right now. Blue Iris thinks it has 8979 files.
  6. bp2008

    Good, free (hopefully) JPG/JPEG stitching software recommendation

    The Bing chatbot also has some suggestions. ;)
  7. bp2008

    Good, free (hopefully) JPG/JPEG stitching software recommendation

    ffmpeg is free and very powerful. To get started, 1. Get ffmpeg for Windows and extract it wherever you like. 2. Open a command prompt in the folder with ffmpeg.exe (if you shift+right click and open Powershell, then enter cmd in powershell, it will change to a regular command prompt). 3...
  8. bp2008

    SSD HD Failure 2nd time :(

    On my continuous recording box, I do write first to an SSD because the response time is MUCH better when I use the timeline to review many clips at the same time. When I move back to older clips that have already moved to the mechanical HDD, it gets a lot slower. I've been buying used...
  9. bp2008

    SSD HD Failure 2nd time :(

    If you remember what the bit rate was, it is easy to calculate with google. If we assume 7 cameras at 5 Mbps each, (35 Mbps total), then: Google Search: 35 megabits per second * 1 year = 138.061551 terabytes Or the way Blue Iris would report it, in kilobytes per second: Google Search: 4375...
  10. bp2008

    I enabled sub streams, where'd my main stream go?

    I don't know of a clean way to have the main stream motion clips be separate from the sub stream continuous clips. Except running two separate Blue Iris machines. You could do it by adding the sub stream and main streams as separate cameras, but I don't consider that very clean ;)
  11. bp2008

    Buy one panoramatic camera or 2 separated?

    I'd go with the panoramic camera over two wide angle cams any day. I have been very pleased with mine. You can use the second cable for another cam with a longer lens for better detail capture at distance.
  12. bp2008

    Has anyone used a Razberi SSIQ server for Blue Iris

    Interesting device. With an i7-4790S CPU, it is on the older side of things but should still be a viable Blue Iris machine when used with sub streams. I just hope you didn't pay (much) for it.
  13. bp2008

    Fisheye cameras for Blue Iris

    I don't think any improvements have been made to dewarping in Blue Iris in the last 3 years. It is still extremely limited and basic. If you are ceiling mounting the cam so it faces straight down, then Blue Iris is not going to be fun to use with the cam. If you are wall mounting the fisheye...
  14. bp2008

    IPC-HFW1831E camera reset button

    The screws are probably on the front 4 corners behind a plastic cover that is attached with adhesive
  15. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    If you open a specific camera, the URL in your address bar will change to include the necessary URL parameter to load that camera when the page loads. The "Add to Home screen" function is not compatible with this unfortunately. But you should be able to bookmark the exact URL you want, and...
  16. bp2008

    BI in a VM - good idea or ??

    As long as you follow the optimization guide then either machine can work (VM or Optiplex). Find your CPUs on and link them here for more tailored advice. Generally speaking, a dedicated box running Windows on bare metal (not in a VM) will have some advantages: You can use...
  17. bp2008

    Network speed 100mb vs 1GB

    Looks like it could be a good switch. Huge power budget of 369W, and supports PoE+. My main concern would be fan noise.
  18. bp2008

    Network speed 100mb vs 1GB

    I would not buy that Dell switch for cameras. It is a nice size but it is not a PoE switch.
  19. bp2008

    new dual camera with night display issue

    Why not point it further left? If there's something over there you don't want in the view for some reason, you should be able to use a privacy mask in the camera's web interface to black it out. The important thing is not having the big shiny surface reflecting strongly into the lens. Maybe...
  20. bp2008

    Network speed 100mb vs 1GB

    Sort of. Generally, you don't want to use any 100 Mbps ports as an uplink carrying many video streams if you can avoid it. If your PoE switch is mostly 100 Mbps ports and has a 1 Gbps port, you should connect that 1 Gbps port either directly to your NVR (Blue Iris PC) or otherwise use a...
  21. bp2008

    Noob from Wisconsin

    I can't recommend enough this camera for overviews. That will scratch the itch to see everything all at once, and then some. Dahua has an equivalent but they mess with the aspect ratio in ways that offend me. The Hikvision/Annke model is much more true-to-life with the aspect ratio since it...
  22. bp2008

    Network speed 100mb vs 1GB

    1. Cat5e is capable of 1 Gbps at 100 meter length, so it is generally fine. If you think you might someday want faster than gigabit speed over that cable, then make it cat6a. Otherwise cat5e is fine. I run cat5e to my own cameras because it is cheaper and easier to work with. Just make sure...
  23. bp2008

    Network speed 100mb vs 1GB

    For network requirements, you need to think about how much data each network port needs to handle. A single camera uses roughly 5 to 15 Mbps per video stream (all depends on your configuration). So a 100 Mbps switch port can easily handle this. Actually most cameras only have 100 Mbps network...
  24. bp2008

    UI3 and mobile app camera layout

    In the Blue Iris local console, choose the desired group and click the "Edit Layout" button to the right of the group selection dropdown list. Then, right click any camera to access a menu of options to configure the group layout. You might have it stuck on a particular resolution or aspect...
  25. bp2008

    New internet service coming - VPN options

    Some spectrum customers get a standalone modem, some get a combo modem/router. I think it depends on the plan you sign up for. When I signed up for the gigabit plan they sent a standalone modem which doesn't even have a web interface. It probably gives Spectrum some kind of...
  26. bp2008

    Inconspicuous Weather Camera

    Either of these will provide fantastic night color. Not sure the best way to pole mount one. Be sure to turn the LEDs off and change exposure and gain settings to allow the picture to get nice and bright at night. Color4K-T Color4K-X Here is a post where I was using a Color4K-X as a...
  27. bp2008

    BI has become unstable.

    I too have been seeing an uptick of DB-related problems within the last year. It was worst just after August/September 2022, because somewhere around Blue Iris 5.6.0.x, something broke and forced pretty much everyone to Repair/Regenerate their database. I also feel like there has been an...
  28. bp2008

    Substitutes for port forwarding

    Zerotier works best with a port forwarded to it. By default tries to use UPnP to forward a port to itself silently in the background, but if UPnP is disabled or otherwise not working, and you haven't manually specified a port number in the zerotier config and forwarded it through your router...
  29. bp2008

    Firewall Rules for BI/RTSP on Segmented Network?

    The Alias URLs are where pfSense will download a list of addresses from the given URL. It is not used to allow or deny access to the given URL. I'm not sure how you'd do that actually if you don't know the IP addresses of the website you want to allow access to, or if those IPs change often.
  30. bp2008

    Firewall Rules for BI/RTSP on Segmented Network?

    He said right here: