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    Limited power, large lot.

    Hi all, back again with an update. Obviously I posted this thread in a rush and as a new guy, and since then have been reading as much as I can to get a better grasp on things before asking more. I now have the start of a plan, so I updated the title of the thread as I clearly do have some power...
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    New nvr "older" cameras

    I'm pretty new at this but had a situation like OP's picture when I got a new Lorex(Dahua) NVR to use with cameras the previous tenant in our office left behind. Default camera password didn't work that I found online and my new NVR password didn't work. I took them all down one by one and did a...
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    Limited power, large lot.

    Thanks, I had seen a few of those threads but clearly didn't search well enough and thought my situation was more unique than I am. I have read a bunch of the lpr threads, and am aware I would need two cameras. I was wondering about the lfr though, if I had a camera focused on the spot where...
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    Limited power, large lot.

    Hi Everyone, TL/DR: Looking for a camera with local SD storage, and/or possibly cell coverage, that is capable of seeing license plates. Can use 12v, but no internet or wired option at the moment for storage. Are there any options beside trail cams? We use a gated property that is not remote...
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    Rookie with a few properties to get going

    Hi All, I'm a rookie but have already found your site very helpful. Our small business recently went from 1 location to 3. In one of the new locations, the old tenant left behind 14 mounted Lorex LNB9232 cams and the cables. After a little searching and almost buying any old NVR, I noticed...