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  1. ThomasPI

    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Here’s my thoughts on Andy and other vendors whom I’ve never shopped. Andy is a trusted and proven vendor here, 2 BIG adjectives. To me and I don’t care if I’m buying a camera or any item on eBay I need to trust a vendor and there’s never going to be a time when I value saving $10 more than...
  2. ThomasPI

    No audio a deal breaker ?

    Thanks like you I’m in FL. There’s no expectation of privacy, regardless if they would be in my house they’re leaving in a body bag.
  3. ThomasPI

    No audio a deal breaker ?

    Friend of mine thinking about adding a few cameras but he is on a limited budget and not overly considered about audio capability. Anyone install cams without audio and regret it after the fact? He may go for a cam say at front door with audio.
  4. ThomasPI

    Dahua Setup for home - Help opinions

    Invest your time before your money. Read and a lot !
  5. ThomasPI

    Review-OEM IPC-T2231T-ZS Ver 2, 2mp Varifocal Starlight Camera

    Well done my friend, impressive results.
  6. ThomasPI

    Dahua and Hikvision put on the "entities list"

    We are also building a house and will be ordering another 14 or 15 Dahua cams from Andy, I’m not concerned. Regardless of what happens, resourceful Andy will get US cams. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  7. ThomasPI

    Help choosing kit for low price customers

    Tough people want good and cheap. You can give them one or the other, let em pick. Oh wait what about support? Forget cheap.
  8. ThomasPI

    Review-Dahua IPC-K35A 3mp Cube Camera

    Two versions. One is WiFi and Ethernet and power adapter and other is POE only with no adapter.
  9. ThomasPI

    Review-Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 800 meter capable ePOE

    My thinking is you can reset on Web GUI or Confog Tool. Could be wrong.
  10. ThomasPI

    What’s in your garage ?

    Absolutely, prolly mount no higher than 7’.
  11. ThomasPI

    Review-Dahua IPC-HFW7842HP-Z AI, ANPR Ultra 8MP Varifocal Starlight Cam

    I was just about to ask, your response timing dead on.
  12. ThomasPI

    Dahua Ip cameras with Blue Iris

    And here is your answer. Andy shipped my cams from Hong Kong and they were on my desk in FL in 36 hours. Got a couple for inside to play with and learn on now and another for testing while our house is being built. In the mean time I’ve got a lot to learn.
  13. ThomasPI

    Review-Dahua IPC-K35A 3mp Cube Camera

    Use Pale Moon browser. I dumped the stand alone config tool after continued errors. I downloaded Dahua Toolbox, setup a new account and used the config tool app incorporated in toolbox. Up and running in couple of minutes.
  14. ThomasPI

    Dahua Ip cameras with Blue Iris

    Buy the real deal not anything you’ll regret, it’s your dime though.
  15. ThomasPI

    POE Camera system recommendation

    Absolutely, 60 drops and full Unify Network with 6 WiFi APs.
  16. ThomasPI

    POE Camera system recommendation

    Been more than that counting design time lol. Met builder this afternoon and we are scheduled to clear the lot and rock and roll. This is our forever house on the water and builder only builds 7 houses per year so been in line.
  17. ThomasPI

    POE Camera system recommendation

    Spot on best advice. We are in process of building a home with what will be 18 cameras. I bought 5 cameras, 4 of which I have no doubts on. The 5th a 5231R-ZE which I’ll test in the field during construction and most likely buy 13 more of those. Highly recommend Andy aka @EMPIRETECANDY as a...
  18. ThomasPI

    Some drone videos from the Florida Keys

    Nice job, lived in South FL for 20 plus years and now we moved North to Perdido Key. Pretty much just like Key West without the Gentleman’s Club with cameras LOL.
  19. ThomasPI

    Hello, from South-central Texas

    Welcome been here a good minute, great site and a wealth of knowledge. Take your time, a new system can’t be cobbled together without asking a lot of questions and reading a LOT! When you think you’ve got some idea and you start to work with your setup, you’ll soon find you don’t know a LOT!
  20. ThomasPI

    Look at all these cameras

    What happens in Key West stays in Key West. Well until ya make front page of the NY Post.
  21. ThomasPI

    Do you need a junction box?

    Need ? No, depends on your preference and the appearance of the finished product. Just locate some images of with and without and if no install issues to contend with pick your poison.
  22. ThomasPI

    What’s in your garage ?

    Thanks what mount did you use ?
  23. ThomasPI

    What’s in your garage ?

    Thanks much. What height are cams mounted at? I need 2 cams as well.
  24. ThomasPI

    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    That and the MCL I blew out a week ago in my left leg, that’s some painful stuff.
  25. ThomasPI

    New member is completely lost...

    Like ty OP I’m a total newbie working with cams and PCs, been a Mac user for 35 years plus. Follow Q’s input and the links to initial setup and config tool guide. Print them out and start at the top and work it slowly. I got thru 2 cams this way today and 4’to go. Then I’ll instal BI. Slow and...
  26. ThomasPI

    What’s in your garage ?

    What cam are you using in your garage? Garage in house we are building is 30’ x 40’ give or take. 1’16’ door and a 9’ door. One entry point into the house from garage. I’m thinking 1 cam at the entry facing towards the garage doors and the 2nd in the far corner facing the entry door to catch a...
  27. ThomasPI

    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    Oh hell, anyone got a Dremel ?
  28. ThomasPI

    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    Camera was on the porch when I got home last night, thanks Q!
  29. ThomasPI

    Review-Dahua SD6CE245U-HNI Starlight PTZ 45x Zoom

    Great review and camera, this may well be going on the roof of the new house.
  30. ThomasPI

    New member is completely lost...

    There ya go, get your Google Fu on.