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  1. whoslooking

    "Hikvision and Dahua simply cannot be trusted"...?

    What rubbish, when you can decopile firmware and use real tools to analyse network traffic the people may start to listen to IPVM. Why do you think there is a CCTV shortage, Make American Great Again, China's responce make your own components then. As to having a camera commissioner in the...
  2. whoslooking

    CCTV layout software?

    Autocad still wins over these options, professional integrators don't mess around with silly tools or branded icons.
  3. whoslooking

    Hikvison IP cameras for sale

    Hi All I have a number of Camera for sale which are all new and boxed. These are. 5no DS-2CD2555FWD-IS 2.8mm 5mp 5no DS-2CD2165G0-I 2.8mm 6mp Black 5no DS-2CD2123G0-IU 2.8mm 2mp 4no DS-2CD2723G0-IZS 2.8-12mm 2mp 2no DS2-CD2T43G0-I5 4mm 4mp All Retail boxed all UK versions. If your interested...
  4. whoslooking

    I need for EN firmware for dvr Hikvision DS-7804N-F1

    What you can do is try older firmwares for a 7600 series NVR with the flag set. But as said above your NVR will still be Chinese with English text. But as your talking about a 4 channel NVR I wouldn't bother the English version is only £110
  5. whoslooking

    HikVision ds-2cd2t42wd-i5 Password And Username Lost - Can you help this beginner?

    Easiest way to recover them is to reflash the firmware to the camera this will clear them back to factory settings.
  6. whoslooking

    Cloud Storage with a HIKVISION NVR

    Remove your serial number from the image, posting it is something you don't want to do.
  7. whoslooking

    Are WD Purple HDs still the best upgrade option?

    WD purx are still the best HDD drivers for video data storage
  8. whoslooking

    DS-7608NI booting but no display or network activity

    Try disconnecting the HDD, and powering up the NVR. As they all share one power supply HDD faults can knock out the rest of the NVR.
  9. whoslooking

    Playback recorded video using RTSP

    It will only play the file which the time frame is part of, and form the start of the file.
  10. whoslooking

    DS-7204HQHI-F1/N Password Reset?

    Easy way is just to reflash the firmware to the DVR, that way you don't need to contact them.
  11. whoslooking

    Hikvision IR leds burnt out? Where to buy replacement parts?

    Hik don't sell spares parts, either desolder the led and replace them or replace the whole thing.
  12. whoslooking

    Ezviz camera help requested

    1st set it all up on your phone in the ezviz app or with internet explorer on the ezviz webpage. Ezviz studio is very limited, your better of using IVMS 4200.
  13. whoslooking

    Ring Alarm vs indoor cameras

    If you want a professional alarm system go with Texecom Premier Elite and add the smartcom. Ring alarm kits are at best basic, Pyronix wireless kit eat batteries. Honeywell Galaxy is now over 20yrs old and limited by design.
  14. whoslooking

    Pyronix alarm upgrade

    pyronix firmware is upgradeable but I would say don't, this is not an end user task.
  15. whoslooking

    Hikvision ip camera ds-2cd2020f-i rebooting all the time

    there is no downgrade for this model, but will happily run a Chinese firmware
  16. whoslooking

    Hikvision Camera Storage vs NVR Storage

    both will work simultaneously you can even throw in the sd card too but that maybe a tad of of an over kill
  17. whoslooking

    HIKVISION mtd Brick Recovery Guide

    As long as you use Windows within osx all is good to recover, if your trying with osx don't bother wasting your time. osx is to clumsy to do anything with, but its good for browsing and emails end of.
  18. whoslooking

    Hikvision - Clearing Passwords and/or Loading Firmware via TTL Serial

    Well all good fun but not necessary really, forcing a firmware that doesn't go into the NVR or a Camera will partly brick the device this is done on purpose to corrupt the stored user details of the device. All new IPC come with a reset button so this is only on older models. Once you have...
  19. whoslooking

    Huisun PTZ bullet cameras still made/sold?

    Thei were loads of failures with these cameras and not really worth your money. Hikvision ptz are now down loads in price and worth that little bit more.
  20. whoslooking

    No active light on POE port in NVR

    recheck that you have pins 3 and 6 split correctly. A cheap tester will show all cores are correct when they are not, you should be working to 568B standand. Also check that the cameras rj45 socket pins are not bent up
  21. whoslooking

    DS-2CD2032-I CH version 5.1.0 !? FW update Help

    5.10 was originally a multi language firmware, but still a Chinese region camera. The simple MTD hack will allow you to up grade to the newest EU Regional firmware.
  22. whoslooking

    DS-7608NI-E2/8P vs HiWatch IP NVR-208M-A/8P

    Total rubbish, Hiwatch cameras work with hikvision NVR and the other way round too.
  23. whoslooking

    Any suggestions on NVR for 60 cameras

    I would consider using two DS-7732ni, it would give you greater flexibility than a single NVR and a fail save if one fails.
  24. whoslooking

    Mstar $30 vs Hikvision $150 - reason for price spread

    If you have a limited budget, go hikvision turbo, or Hiwatch by hikvision but don't waste money on no brand $30 cameras
  25. whoslooking

    Can hikivision cams record directly to a NAS drive?

    with the new style Turret you don't need the mounting box as there is now enough space for the pigtail with the RJ45 to sit nicely behind the camera.
  26. whoslooking

    Hikvision Image Problem and Skipping during playback

    The only time I've see skipped frames is when people use crap hard drives in their NVR. only use a digital video hard drive like a western digital purx40, or similar. my personal choice is to avoid Seagate due to high levels for failure.
  27. whoslooking

    forgetting hikvision ezviz password and email

    don't bother wasting your time he has not responded once. just email Hikvison at the region of your NVR. and they will remove it from the bound account.
  28. whoslooking

    ... enable hidden features on DS-2СD1148-I/B?

    It looks like part or the HiWatch Range.
  29. whoslooking

    Hikvision indicator light and network LEDs

    Simple answer no, but tipex will block them out.
  30. whoslooking

    New firmware for Hik NVR's 76 77 96 NI-I

    what do you mean didn't recover?? 15 bleeps boot loop?