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    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    Does 2 way talk work in Blue Iris app with the Reolink camera?
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    Memorial Day 2022 Promotion

    Are all refurbished models sold out?
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    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    I ordered the DB last night and finally ran Ethernet to my door. Was a nightmare but happy it’s done.
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    Review-SD4A425DB-HNY 1/2.8" CMOS 4MP 25x Starlight Auto-tracking MiniPTZ

    Do you mind sharing what your 49225 target ratio is?
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    Help me spend $20,000 (new information in post #23)

    Buy Axis Cameras. That will add up quick!
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    Beginners guide to CodeProject

    I have an r720 and was about to build an i7 rack mount for BI but then I came across code project. I picked up a Tesla p4 on ebay and my CPU is no longer spiking. Everything looks to be running great! Thank you CPAI.
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    If you have Windows 10 and lost Internet Explorer recently-- you didn't...

    I just use a win7 VM if I need to do anything.
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    here you go.
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    I bought the 2MP several months ago when Andy mentioned on another thread they were going EOL. I turned off auto updates and won’t be updating the firmware. It is disappointing that a firmware update removes auto tracking.
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    Finally installed my PTZ. Currently my favorite camera. Auto tracking is the best feature yet.
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    Review-SD4A425DB-HNY 1/2.8" CMOS 4MP 25x Starlight Auto-tracking MiniPTZ

    Looks like a lot of potential for this camera. I’ll buy when more of the bugs are fixed.
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    Review - Dahua SD49225XA-HNR 2MP 25x Starlight + IR PTZ AI Camera with Deep IVS & SMD Plus

    So should I pull the trigger on sd49225xa-hnr or continue to wait until I know my wife won't be to upset and get sd49425xb-hnr if 49225 happens to no longer have Autotracking?
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    Review- VTO2301R-P 2mp Door Station/Doorbell Dahua/Empiretech

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. Sounds like I’ll just buy a 5224 and set alerts in BI.
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    Andy already replied and said more stock arrived at Amazon and should be ready for shipment next week. thanks Andy and sebastiantombs!
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    thanks! I just sent him an email
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    my amazon order was lost in transit and now the camera is not available until end of July. Anyone know where else I can get the z12e from?