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  1. NorthBendDave

    How much hard drive in an nvr?

    I have 8 cams recording 24/7. Have 8 TB purple in a Dahua NVR and get 13 days of recording.
  2. NorthBendDave

    Turrets with audio-in

    My varifocals have sound in them already. Check the specs for the ones you are looking at.
  3. NorthBendDave

    New camera system questions?!

    Get the 16 port NVR instead of the 8 port. I am up to 10 cameras now. Most are variations of the T5442T. All cams were bought from Andy!
  4. NorthBendDave

    installation ???

    This is mine I didn't want to lower it. Flat black eliminated the IR glare.
  5. NorthBendDave

    installation ???

    I spray painted flat black under the eave by one of my cams
  6. NorthBendDave

    Criminals covered their license plate with black sticker, LPC is now useless, what else I can do?

    I have that motion sensor and it works great. 4 sensors, and I set a different alarm for each one. Even the dog learned where to go when an alarm sounded.
  7. NorthBendDave

    Andy can you get me a dahua PFA 154 pole mount box?

    there is one on Fleabay. Dahua DH-PFA154 Pole Mount Bracket | eBay
  8. NorthBendDave

    Conduit guidance needed please

    I drill a hole inside and used an oval head screw. I attatch the conduit to the LB an then feed it into the correct size hole. I put a conduit support inside the attic to hold it to the rafter.
  9. NorthBendDave

    Conduit guidance needed please

    The picture with the jumperwire is me testing a new location on the wall. Note: the 1/2" non-metalic fittings are tight to get premade network cable through, I sort of enlarged the holes with a dremel.
  10. NorthBendDave

    Conduit guidance needed please

    I used the part you show. For my first install, I used metal EMT and bent the drop down to the camera junction box. As I upgraded cameras I changed to flexible non-metalic and camera specific junction boxes. I'll get some pix. I also put 10 ft PVC conduit to the inside of my attic so I...
  11. NorthBendDave

    What kind of test do they give to work at the US Postal Service?

    "Can you see lightning and/or hear thunder?"
  12. NorthBendDave

    Anyone have a BlackFriday recommendation for DashCams?

    Here's a Viofo Amazon prime deal $139 VIOFO Dash Cam Front and Rear 2K 1440P 60fps +1080P 30fps Dual Dash Camera with Wi-Fi GPS, Emergency Recording, Motion Detection, 24h Parking Mode, Super Capacitor (A129 Plus Duo) : Electronics
  13. NorthBendDave

    This is called being ripped

    I was Marine Aviation, and also don't have any tattoo's
  14. NorthBendDave

    Smart PSS Quits Unexpectedly

    I've had it happen. Viewing and then gone...
  15. NorthBendDave

    Dahua NVR5416-16P-4KS2E Firmware V4.002.0000000.3.R

    No, I did not do a roll back
  16. NorthBendDave

    Dahua NVR5416-16P-4KS2E Firmware V4.002.0000000.3.R

    I used a HDMI monitor on the NVR, and plugged the upgrade file into the USB port of the NVR. I did it all from the NVR menu.
  17. NorthBendDave

    Dahua NVR5416-16P-4KS2E Firmware V4.002.0000000.3.R

    I used the USB port on the front when I did mine. I have used the USB on the rear also.
  18. NorthBendDave

    The official "WTF" thread

    Volunteers were restoring a B-17 when I was working at Boeing. They had 1 side of our 757 building. I don't know which one it was....maybe the Boeing Bee at the museum of Flight? I know they flew it after restoration.
  19. NorthBendDave

    Dahua Dash Camera

    I don't see them yet on your sales sites.
  20. NorthBendDave

    Dahua Dash Camera

    Do we have final specs on them, and are there other "accessories" available? (like extra window mounts to change between cars)
  21. NorthBendDave

    Dahua firmware update issues.

    I have a similar setup to yours. I had to load the FW update onto a thumb drive, and put it into the USB on the DVR. Then load the FW to the camera from the DVR inteface.
  22. NorthBendDave

    5232-16P-4KS2E, noisy power supply

    The numbers of the fans in the above video: Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX (12V fan) and Noctua NF-A4x10 PWM 5 volt (the original fan is 5 volts)
  23. NorthBendDave

    5232-16P-4KS2E, noisy power supply

    Here is a "how to" video that shows fan part #'s. I don't know if they are the same size for the 5232-16P-4KS2E. They were correct for my 5216-16P-4KS2E. Dahua NVR quiet fans
  24. NorthBendDave

    5232-16P-4KS2E, noisy power supply

    A lot of people change the fans to ultra quiet ones.
  25. NorthBendDave

    IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS IPC-T5842T-ZE SMD 3.0 Smart IR Latest New Firmware From EmpireTech

    Looks like a new version? I installed it before (about a month ago)
  26. NorthBendDave

    IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS IPC-T5842T-ZE SMD 3.0 Smart IR Latest New Firmware From EmpireTech

    After updating the Firmware, I logged back into my DVR to redo my settings. I got the "install web plugin" message. Did it, but my anti virus tagged and removed it. Filename: webplugin (1).exe Threat name: WS.Reputation.1Full Path: C:\Users\DavidA\Downloads\webplugin (1).exe ____ ____ On...
  27. NorthBendDave

    Lorex POE system at Costco

    I started with a Lorex system. After not being able to ID a guy at night, 10 feet from my camera, I started upgrading cameras with Dahua from Andy. Then upgraded the recorder (16-channel Dahua from Andy). I only have 2 Lorex cams left. They will be replaced the next sale Andy has (coming...
  28. NorthBendDave

    EmpireTech 7 Years Anniversay Promotion Plan

    From my experience, his sales are worth the wait! :love:
  29. NorthBendDave

    The new one

    Watch your bank account! This site has a way of reducing it.