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    Smart Pss Slow/Lagging - Dahua Camera System

    Are you running Wifi on your computer? Playback several recordings in main really tests your bandwidth.
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    IVS schedule not working

    Personally I prefer to record all events and change in DMSS when you want to receive notifications. I record everything on ~20 cameras but I only subscribe to 3.
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    Dahua IP recovery help needed

    Good you solved it. For the future this is the easiest way to Fix it. (0,5) Connect your cameras to a PoE switch connected to your LAN. 1. Change IP on your PC to the same 10.x.x.x range. 2. Use config tool to search for and change IP to the desired range. 3. Change back the IP on your PC.
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    Add remote cam to NVR with SN instead of IP address

    Short answer: No You need to connect to the remote camera to its IP. There are various free VPN solutions you can use. Personally I've used Zero Tier and it works great.
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    How to stream ip cam on mobile router to webpage???

    Hi, There should be more brands offering RTMP but I don't know as I prefer Dahua. I recommend to buy from @EMPIRETECANDY , he is a great guy offering good products - only superlatives ! Since you're anyway doing this you might as well get a reasonable camera to get a decent image :-)
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    HFW5442 cam - What NVR

    The 2108 is an interesting piece of kit, due to the AI. The downside is that it's very limited with AI-channels. I (always) recommend the 5-series as it's so much more competent. I ran the 4-AI-series before upgrading to the 5-series. If you can see yourself running cameras tracking plates or...
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    No more DST!

    In EU we had the same proposal 2 years ago, it passed as well. With EU and the US both aiming to leave this it might be able to happen! What I'm afraid of though is that there will be the "default" winter time all year - that would suck! It even sounds depressive having winter time all year! :)
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    How to stream ip cam on mobile router to webpage???

    Yes, that shouldn't be a problem as it's the camera connecting to YouTube and not the other way around.
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    How to stream ip cam on mobile router to webpage???

    Short answer, you can use the RTMP protocol to stream to YouTube and then embedded the YouTube stream on your Web page. Dahua cameras are pretty straight forward for this and firmwares since about a year have this feature. Not sure of every camera, if you have a specific model you're thinking...
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    Refubished List

    This is a great excuse to visit the US! 8-) Go go go!
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    Northern light / Aurora

    The snow is long gone! Still freezing in the nights but 10C/50F during the day.
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    Northern light / Aurora

    Tonight we had a very clear night and a really clear Aurora. This is very unusual this far south in Sweden. It was my IPC-COLOR4K-X that got the footage, beautiful footage.
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    How to Setup Spotter Cams with Dahua NVR?

    @Lance I'm not sure if you have problem getting Autotrack, "spotter cams" or both to work. I saw I had a basic tutorial how to set up Autotracking. For spotter cameras you need an NVR. See my post above. Here's a screenshot.
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    2022 Latest New Dual-Channel Camera

    You probably have the right one, I'm in northern Europe and also got my camera from Andy, the same model as you, and it was mot friends with the plates we have here. The plate recognition was great but country classification of the plates was completely wrong. Hopefully the new FW will make the...
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    2022 Latest New Dual-Channel Camera

    @Billyjack5 sounds like you you don't have the right firmware for your region. When I got my ITC I tried a few FWs before in I found the right for my region. But, my 7442 running video metadata is better to classify vehicle models.
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    SD5A425XA-HNR new camera, restarts when auto tracking event

    Agree with above, definitely power issues. I had the same camera and similar problem. Have you tried to run the camera on the 12v power supply? And, like Wittaj said, make sure the switch is (at least) poe+. A tip, ubiquity has small poe++ (60w) injectors, great price.
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    2022 Latest New Dual-Channel Camera

    Thanks for sharing the videos! How does Smart Plan work. Can you have separate Smart Plans for the channels, IE IVS on Chan 1 and video metadata on channel 2? Interesting it doesn't run the "new" blue GUI that's available for the current 7-series. Bonus question, In the Nvr firmware 4.xx2...
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    Latest New NVR5xxx-4KS2 General_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.001.0000006.1.R.210709

    Dahua doesn't push every update, they only when there critical updates etc. If you are not lacking specific features or have specific reasons there are no reason to update. If you don't pay attention there is also a risk of bricking your equipment or loosing your settings. If you use genuine...
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    2022 Latest New Dual-Channel Camera

    Exciting update of the 7-series! Will be interesting to see if there are new features vs. today's 7-series. Not as excited of the small sensor though, odd choice to go with the 1/2,7" in such a premium model (?). Edit: noted now channel 1 was 1/1,7".
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    Review: IPC-LPR237B-IR / Equivalent of Dahua ITC237-PW6M-IRLZF1050-B - ANPR, Traffic & Access Control Camera

    I had a few different FWs from Andy before I got it working for me. I'm in EU and in my FW I have EU and RUS to choose between. One odd thing though is that Swedish plates are recognised as Dutch (NL) plates. I'm on 2.625.0000000.1.R, Build Date: 2021-07-09
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    Disable/enable "Disarming" by API?

    Great job @runraid ! Would you have the chance to dive in to the ITC-237 (ANPR) camera and or a camera supporting video metadata (where the plates also are recognised (in an environment with a 5-series NVR)) It would be awesome if it's possible to get the plate from the last passing car and...
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    small ptz like sd22204uegn but with ir leds?

    You're right, it doesn't have IR. I would say the SD1A203T-GN is as close as it gets. There are much better cameras but as long as you pay attention to the rather weak IR (max 15m / 45ft) you would be alright.
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    NVR with SMD or without

    Hi! You should buy a 5-series NVR. It's way better than a 2 or 4-series. The price difference isn't too big but worth it for sure. If you are building your setup from scratch you don't need the AI-versions as, like you mentioned already, the cameras will have it. My experience is that it's...
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    Latest New NVR5xxx-4KS2 General_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.001.0000006.1.R.210709

    This works fine, have been running it since it came. The reporting function in the AI section is new (right?). A new "report" Traffic intensity, is new. Don't know to what it's compatible to though. Further the alarm in to control arm/disarm (disarm by a physical switch) is integrated innthe...
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    Is HiKvision's camera better than Dahua's?

    They are both way better than Sonoff you asked about on your other post! Before posting anything more, please read this. First you need to define what you want to achieve. Now you're asking if Coca Cola or Pepsi is best.
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    Installation Problems

    The camera is the first part. The second part is in the NVR. I will check tomorrow what possibilities there with only the camera. I assume you have a sd-card in the camera? If not, that's the first you should do.
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    Installation Problems

    Ok, do have an NVR as well? If yes, what model? Always set up this directly on the camera as it offers way more settings than via DSS or SmartPSS. Here you'll see an example from my 7442H-Z4 (more or less the same as your camera). What's most interesting is the report function from the NVR...
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    Dahua PTZ Idle Motion - No OSD

    Odd, Try to: 1) pull out the camera from the NVR and put it back 10s later. Let it boot and try to logon. 2) reboot NVR 3) try moving it to a different port on the NVR and try to connect. 4) reset the camera to factory settings Hopefully you don't need tontryball these things out. This...
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    Installation Problems

    Ok, makes sense! What's the setup up, professional or at home? Do you have a NVR connected, what model? Depending on your NVR it makes sense to subscribe to the NVR instead of the cameras. Personally I dislike DSS Express and don't run it here (at my home). I prefer SmartPSS, it's way more...
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    Installation Problems

    Quick answer: you can only use one Smart Plan at the time. So, either metadata or IVS. One exception is if you're running a AI NVR, then you can let the NVR deal with IVS. Video Metadata is great for counting vehicles etc and get plates. For "surveillance" purposes IVS is definitely what you...