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  1. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    I currently have 10 cameras using sub streams, One temporary wireless camera continually had the odd clip times with 49d11hXXXXX almost all the time so I discontinued the sub stream on that camera. Last night another camera started having the same issue and I narrowed it down in the log to a...
  2. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    May have find a solution to the stuttering while live viewing cameras with sub-streams. I changed the sub-stream frame rate to match the main stream's frame rate and it seems to have corrected the stutter problem on all six of my cameras with sub-streams.
  3. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    Thanks, I'll try a complete reboot of everything.
  4. J - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    Has anyone else noticed that when viewing live stream on a camera with a sub stream setting that the video seems to stutter or jump from time to time? I am not referring to when it first shift from the sub stream to the primary stream but while continuous viewing.
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    5.2.8 - May 20, 2020 - Direct-to-disc BVR recording will now include metadata for video overlays

    I've noticed the same problem with 49 day video clips which record short periods. I'm currently reverting cameras back to working without sub streams to see if that corrects the issue.
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    How to setup continuous recording for all cams?

    To continuous record a camera you want to go to that camera's properties and on the Record tab select continuous for each profile you want to record under. To delete the recordings after seven days, go to Blue Iris Options, Clips and archving tab and under Folders select "Limit clip age" and...