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  1. Covertsec

    hilook ipc-p120-d/w

    Greetings and salutations. Has anyone ever setup Hilook ipc-p120-d/w. Its one of those standalone PT cameras and it is certainly testing my patience. When i try to add it to the Hikvision app, it says the device is already added to another account and when i try to unbind it,it gives me...
  2. Covertsec

    Wall of shame

    That is definitely not the way we were taught to do network cable reticulation back in the day.
  3. Covertsec

    drug related massacre *GRAPHIC WARNING*

    Gang violence definitely seems to be escalating world wide. Here in South Africa< in the cape flats we have similar scenarios playing out on a almost daily basis. Sadly it is the innocent who succumb to such attacks.
  4. Covertsec

    Greetings and salutions.

    Greetings from the Southern most part of the African continent, South Africa. With crime levels on the increase worldwide and criminals getting smarter. Its always good to get a fresh prespective on how the rest of world incorporates the latest technology to secure their neck of the woods.