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  1. hmjgriffon

    Blue Iris cameras in home assistant.

    Is anyone displaying their cameras in home assistant instead of using the BI web page? If so how are you doing it?
  2. hmjgriffon

    Email Alerts

    My email alerts used to send tons of emails when they were triggered by motion, now I am triggering them with my security system only. That part works fine but I only receive about 3 emails. per camera. They do appear to follow the break time setting. Is this normal? I'd think I'd get constant...
  3. hmjgriffon

    home assistant and hivision

    Anyone using the hikvision cube camera with their home assistant? it doesn't seem to be sending motion to HA even though I have checked off notify security station.
  4. hmjgriffon

    remotely trigger siren

    So I self monitor my home alarm/automation system. What I want to do, is have some way for the HA system to be able to trigger some sort of loud siren of some sort that I have with me when I am sleeping when away from home, for example, a trip. This way if something happens, I am awoken by the...
  5. hmjgriffon

    dzvents in domoticz

    Anyone know dzvents at all? Trying to re-write my first script from the old horrible lua to the new dzvents lua, whatever you wanna call it. Can someone tell me if this looks good? See any issues? Thanks. return { active = true, on = { devices = { 'Front Door'...
  6. hmjgriffon

    Blue Iris on a SmartWatch?

    Now that smart watches are actually getting pretty powerful and you can even get them with standalone 4G etc. Anyone know if there is any possibility of blue iris on a watch? Android or apple? That's one thing I'd love to have if I got one of the 4G standalone watches.
  7. hmjgriffon

    So what's the haps

    Been away for a while, too long, bout to look through some current posts but anything interesting been going on? Any new hotness for cameras out? Nayr doin any good reviews?
  8. hmjgriffon

    Fanless switch recommendations.

    Looking for recommendations for a fan less switch, probably as many ports as I can get for being fanless, gigabit would be nice but since it will run mostly IP cams not that big a deal.
  9. hmjgriffon

    BV-Tech POE-I100G Gigabit Single Port 30W PoE Injector (Black) on sale with prime shipping $20.99

    Amazon.com: BV-Tech POE-I100G Gigabit Single Port 30W PoE Injector (Black): Computers & Accessories
  10. hmjgriffon

    electronics question

    I took a POE midspan and bought two big quiet fans off amazon, I cut off the connectors for the stock fans and spliced them onto the new fans, I plug them in, power up the midspan, the fans spin but the damn thing doesn't boot, anyone have any ideas? do I need to fake it out somehow?
  11. hmjgriffon


    Anyone know why when I try to connect to my bi page from the internet on my phone it logs me in but does not display the cameras? it works fine inside of the networking using the local IP, I would say maybe it's a firewall thing but it used to work fine with the un-encrypted site before I...
  12. hmjgriffon

    SD59225U-HNI upgrade issues.

    Decided to make a thread, I saw where another guy got this error and I think he said he used a different firmware but he never said, I messaged him and got no response. When I try to upgrade to the march firmware with the config tool, I get this. Was gonna try this version of the firmware...
  13. hmjgriffon

    Passive POE injectors

    just wanted to verify, if you have a POE injector that say goes up to 15 watts and you plug in something that only uses 8.5, will is hurt your device or will the device just only use what it needs? I know the passive devices are kinda dumb.
  14. hmjgriffon

    So my Midspan won't run without fans.

    Does anyone know of any fairly cheap drop in fairly quiet replacements for fans like this? Plugs in to this, I need two fans.
  15. hmjgriffon

    Mic audio settings.

    Does anyone know if cranking the mic quality settings up all the way adds significant storage usage?
  16. hmjgriffon

    Threw up the front door cam today.

    This is zoomed all the way out, I was pooped so I haven't taken any snapshots to see what kind of pixel density I'm getting, might be able to zoom it in a little but it's a rough spot with a walkway on the right side of the frame and an opening on the left side.
  17. hmjgriffon seems to have broken basic auth

    Anyone else experiencing basic auth not working with the web interface after this update? that totally breaks my home automation integration, suck. Might hafta roll back.
  18. hmjgriffon

    camera installation docs

    I know I asked something similar before but I know there are dudes in here that do this for a living. Are there any resources online you can point me to for things like price sheets on what to charge for installing cameras? I have a few people now who want me to install stuff and I want to be...
  19. hmjgriffon

    bring alerting camera to fullscreen in web view?

    I the web view cameras that trigger get a red outline, is there a way to make that camera blow up to full screen like they do when you click on them individually?
  20. hmjgriffon

    Streaming IP cams to youtube/facebook

    I can stream to youtube with ffmpeg fine but I wanted to test out streaming an IP cam to facebook live with their API. I couldn't get it to work with ffmpeg, probably user error, but that only lets you stream one camera anyways. I downloaded OBS (open broadcaster software) and it lets me bring...
  21. hmjgriffon

    Wire Loom

    Will this stuff stand up to sun light? I have a couple network cables outside that catch sun some parts of the day. Amazon.com: 3/4" Split Wire Loom Tubing (Polyethylene) - 20FT - Black: Home Audio & Theater
  22. hmjgriffon


    Lazyweb, anyone know where to get signs and or decals that warn of not just alarm system but that it's got wireless backup etc. etc.? Lookin for some good signs and or decals to put outside since my other camera signs blew away during the last hurricane.
  23. hmjgriffon


    I see there is an audio section that looks like you can connect a mic to the blue iris machine, and there is a way to play sounds off the BI machine to external speakers, but is there a way to talk into the mobile app and have it come out of the external speakers?
  24. hmjgriffon

    Good little series.

  25. hmjgriffon

    For your viewing pleasure.

  26. hmjgriffon

    Interesting camera I saw

    At a makeup store I was drug to. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  27. hmjgriffon

    Not sure how i'm gonna solve this one.

    Stupid sunlight.
  28. hmjgriffon

    driveway alarm

    cheapest driveway alarm that can be rigged up to a z-wave sensor, go! I'm assuming I can't use one of those cheap bunker hill ones from harbour freight because I'd need 0 voltage dry contacts. I may get one of those anyways for now but i'd love to be able to connect it into my home automation...