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    4K Resolution 15fps vs 1080p 30FPS

    I have noticed a LOT of people (especially in reviews) turn their cameras to 1080p (which is why the 2mp starlights are recommended). My question is, isn't having HIGHER resolution better over "smoother" playback? Do people use 1080p due to their hardware/storage limitations? What is the...
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    Multi Issues - Signal Loss, Long Live View, No PIcture in IOS, Triggers failing

    Decided to rewrite this whole thing because of the multiple issues. Background I have been running BI with 4 Cameras 3 Hardwired and 1 Wifi, for the better half of a year or longer, with minimal to no issues (that I could tell). I had migrated my setup from my main desktop, to a Virtual Machine...
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    Help with PTZ Camera (Finding the correct model)

    A bit ago, some BI member posted their PTZ camera setup, to showcase it, it followed cars, and had a few cop cars on the street, at night. They were able to zoom in and get the plates and such. I was wondering if someone could help me locate that video and the model number to the camera. if it...
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    No iOS Notifications Being Sent

    I haven't been getting notifications to iOS. At first I thought nothing of it, but now I am wanting it. Checked my settings under mobile, phone was listed, ensured box was checked for PUSH. Went into the one camera I want notifications for, went in there, turned on Alerts Tab, enable mobile...
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    BlueIris Context Menu-->Convert Does Not Work. But double Click Clip, click convert button does

    [SOLVED] Full Restart of BI program, including services seemed to Queue and Fix everything The best Title I could come up with. So blue Iris has been running, unmanaged for the most part since I have most of it setup. Now I want to "convert" a bunch of these clips to edit (kind of like a...
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    [HELP] Camera Triggering on Natural Sun Movement Shadows

    So I have about 3ish of my 6 camera setup. Been a bit too hot to do the rest. Was working on the PC that was going to record them and finally adjusted all the settings i THINK will work. Here is a background 3-4K 15fps cameras The costco Lorex ones. In blue iris, have the 3 cameras...
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    manual snapshot or manual record Greyed out

    Let me just say I did NOT update this time. LIterally! lol! Noticed I was getting some HW VA cannot be used error, found out its my hardware cannot use Intel HW HD Acceleration (for whatever reason). I am using my Cameras HARDWARE to decode with direct to disc, originally had it set to h265...
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    Clip Storage Allocation showing '?' on LOCAL disks

    So I had the trial, everything worked "well" to fine/perfect. Purchased the licensed, added more cameras, fiddled with settings including trying to add networked drives. Record Button ended up being "Greyed" out and unable to record, even with CONTINUOUS (which is what I want). Switched...
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    Quick Question: Can I Run Blue Iris on PC to record AND NVR ?

    Hopefully the title made sense. I am in the process of setting everything up. Running everything (have 3 of 6 cameras installed). Have Blue Iris Setup on 24/7 PC recording, transferring etc etc (still need to adjust and setup perfectly). What I want though, is to either 1) Have NVR hooked up...
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    Multiple Cat5 Outside Cables how to run inside help

    So a bit of a lurker, and new time buyer of the Costco Lorex Kit. I have some questions about how best to run this. First thought 1) Attic, I am pretty sure I can get all cables to the attic, but I don't have any "AC Power" there, so I cannot plug into the PoE ethernet. So you say, Run the...