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    Software Verification

    There is an option you can use for OS X - it will work but takes some additional work. You can install Parallels Desktop for OS X. Then, as a guess system install Windows XP or 7. After that, Blue Iris will run just fine and if you select full screen for the windows guest you will have a hard...
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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    I appreciate your response. And, I have tried the methods you suggest. However, in this case, it does not work. The overlay in the center of the screen does not respond to the right click when I try to edit the BI overlays. I am reasonably sure that I caused the problem by opening and saving...
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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    Glad I found a pointer to this site - and your tools. A great app;action. Thanks for sharing your talents. I got it working for my camera which will become a weather cam for my Weather underground PWS. It looks good. My only problem is that in the process of setting it up I got an overlay...