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  1. J

    Recordings stopped

    I changed my hard drive out and copied everything over to the new one everything was working. After a few days the recordings stopped and I was only able to view a picture. When I went in found the storage drives full and once I deleted some clips it started recordings again. Again today noticed...
  2. J

    Firmware Downgrade

    Is there an easy way to change firmware backwards? I have 28 Dahua cams on Blue Iris and it locked up today. I have all the cams set at 15 fps but seems that the fps bug is happening to every cam i have except the PTZ's. There all a mix of 5231, 4231's every one of them says there running...
  3. J

    What do you use for a Router? Need replacement advice

    Sorry wasn't sure where to post this for some advice on routers. Please move or delete this thread if it is in the wrong area or not allowed. I had a netgear 8500 router that the wan port died, It worked and did vpn. But also would have to reboot monthly cause of not being able to connect to...
  4. J

    Can BI use 2nd video sub streams?

    I have run BI for several yrs and works pretty well. (Besides windy, sunny days, with tree shadows) This year i replaced 20+ Cams that were a mix of 720 & 1080 cams with 28 Dahua starlights 2.1 mp. I also purchased a Dahua Ultra Series 4k 32 channel NVR all from Andy. What i am looking to do is...
  5. J

    Sd59230 can't get smooth video recording

    I just got a new SD59230 a week ago and can't get any recordings that don't jump around had it lock on to a car then next frame shows the car half way down the block. another it locked on i missed the whole part of the video in front and beside my house. I Just see it coming down the street...
  6. J

    Memory Card Installation

    Sorry if this has been posted before, If so please go ahead and delete post. I have seen people ask about installing the memory cards into the Dahua cameras since trying to push the memory card into the slot takes quite a bit of force, the 1st few i did i was afraid i was doing something...
  7. J

    Can't Disable Motion Detection

    I have 9 Dahua Cams that i got working with Blue Iris recording from the camera triggers. But i had a lot of alerts today and when i go in each camera to view what caused the trigger and none of my rules was signaling so i checked the motion setting and found the box checked i unchecked and...
  8. J

    http commands

    I have isy home automation and trying to figure out how to send a command to make my Dahua cams respond from the isy. Example i have motion sensors placed every corner of my house and property, when someone walks up to them i want my ptz to go to that area. I did have 1 cam go to a preset when i...
  9. J

    camera triggering ptz preset

    I have been reading the last few days trying to figure out how to make motion from camera 2 trigger camera 1 preset 3. I have figured out how to get the ptz to trigger preset 3 from a browser window but not without having to put username and password in manually. but i copied and pasted into...
  10. J

    Stops and Starts recording on it's own

    I have all cameras set to record continuously with no schedules but every 6 to 8 mins it stops then every 2 to 4 mins it starts back up. Is there any settings that could cause this? I attached pics of my settings Thanks Jay
  11. J

    Dahua SD59225U-HNI Alarms

    I purchased a SD59225U-HNI and set up on a job. I had went in and set stuff to email me and i got 100's of emails so went back out today and took all alarms out to stop the emails. I'm still getting them any idea whitch setting this is from before i drive back out there? It's an hr away so...
  12. J

    Alert limit on time line?

    Is there a limit to the amount of alerts stored? I have 28 cameras recording 24/7 and can go back a month and view video but no alerts and i have motion checked, I used to be able to click the date in the timeline and see the alerts in the time frame but there gone every day is blank except...
  13. J

    Time update

    I got my cpu replaced with intel i7 now i am at 20% cpu amazing difference from amd. While i was searching the last few days i stumbled across a thread where you can put the BI info in the camera for automatic time updating but can't seem to find it again. Hopefully someone can direct me to...
  14. J

    New Cpu

    I built a computer with an amd fx 9590 black running BI for a couple yrs. never had intel always amd cause of cost. i have 12-hikivision 1080p cams & 18-720p cams. they record 24hr a day everything is set at 15fps. and runs about 50% but when i am viewing all the cams recording at once it is ok...
  15. J

    people not showing up in motion

    I have been using blue iris for the last few months and have 20+ cams recording 24hrs a day. there are 5 of them covering a area that leads to a side door. the other day i got an email for a cam alert when i viewed it i only seen a second or two and barely long enough for the brightness for the...