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  1. IAmATeaf

    Arjun, where are ya?

    ^ Is that a Fleshlight mk2 [emoji3]
  2. IAmATeaf

    Writing to two HDs

    Personally I would just write straight to the target NAS, even more so if the storage areas that you are moving between are on the same NAS. Why faff around with moving data around?
  3. IAmATeaf

    Giving up on PC + Blue Iris- should I try an NVR?

    He was replying to your everybody knows windows systems restart by themselves statement and if you truly believe that or have experienced it then it does sort of show that haven’t really configured windows to stop this?
  4. IAmATeaf

    Giving up on PC + Blue Iris- should I try an NVR?

    My BI PC has never spontaneously rebooted but there again I did do some googling on how to block updates and driver updates?
  5. IAmATeaf

    I hate my Dahua's Motion detection / IVF. Is there anything better?

    I would do something like this, you need you leave areas where the cam can detect something moving from one area to the next. My 2 driveway cams haven’t missed a trigger when I least reviewed them, also if possible and you have another cam overlooking that area think about group triggers/alerts...
  6. IAmATeaf

    Robbery in Habana Vieja

    It could have been her local neighbourhood where up until this moment she felt comfortable? That’s certainly how I felt before getting mugged [emoji3]
  7. IAmATeaf

    PC upgrade question

    There’s only one thing to do then in this case, when she’s not looking swap the desktops and everybody then wins [emoji3]
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    Robbery in Habana Vieja

    It’s all too easy to say go all Liam Neeson after the event but I think unless you are 100% confident of your capabilities then most won’t even think it and is it worth the risk as things could escalate. I think for the poor girl it all fell apart when the other guy started touching her and...
  9. IAmATeaf

    PC upgrade question

    What @Flintstone61 said above, try disabling hardware acceleration, I did recently and that dropped my CPU usage from around 30% to 20% which came as bit of a shock as logically offloading something you would think would be beneficial?
  10. IAmATeaf

    Does BI ever go on sale? It kind of irks me that non-subscription cost more and there is no lifetime option

    It is what it is, go do the cheaper option and then post here asking how to cancel the auto-renewal [emoji3]
  11. IAmATeaf

    Does BI ever go on sale? It kind of irks me that non-subscription cost more and there is no lifetime option

    Don’t forget about certs expiring for mobile alerts when that happens the only way to get them working is to purchase a support plan.
  12. IAmATeaf

    Does BI ever go on sale? It kind of irks me that non-subscription cost more and there is no lifetime option

    Why is it expensive to become current, I thought you could buy support/maintenance whenever you wanted and that then allowed you updates within that period?
  13. IAmATeaf

    The official "WTF" thread

    What a shit habit [emoji3]
  14. IAmATeaf

    Writing to two HDs

    I always thought QNAP to be OK, why are they no longer cool ?
  15. IAmATeaf

    Arjun, where are ya?

    Looks like a one time event? Now if had an s at the end that would have raised a frown [emoji3]
  16. IAmATeaf

    Bi4 download???

    You don’t need to buy the full version, last time I looked just purchasing a support plan allows you to update to v5.
  17. IAmATeaf

    Motion detection and alert clip storage

    What were you recording to before?
  18. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris not starting. Cannot be opened or updated.

    Wouldn’t think the time being out will be your issue. More likely you’ve plugged it in with BI already running. Hardware acceleration being enabled on a cam that doesn’t support it has been known to cause this type of issue but for you right now the acid test is to restart BI and see if it’s...
  19. IAmATeaf

    I screwed up unchecked web access

    Glad to hear things have been sorted. The number of times I’ve done things without properly thinking is beyond reckless [emoji3] Just a few days ago I had the bright idea that I would change the RDP port on my BI PC so that if somebody gained access to my home network then it wouldn’t be...
  20. IAmATeaf

    Please help with initial Dual NIC setup.

    With a dual NiC config the cams can only be accessed via your BI PC, so logon to that Pc and then see if you can access the cams. If you want to be able to access the cams from your home network you’ll either need to setup routing or bridge the adapters in the PC but that then sort of defeats...
  21. IAmATeaf

    Surveillance HDD prices up since 2019?

    Those days are long gone. Was there some sort of flood or something that resulted in short supply which in turn increased prices. I think at this stage the manufacturers caught on and the ever cheapening prices of hard disks stopped there and then [emoji3]
  22. IAmATeaf

    Region locking - have I made an expensive mistake?

    Have you checked to see if there are specific versions of the firmware for specific regions?
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    Pit Stop

    It just goes to show doesn’t it that everybody is different. Back in March of this year I was in India doing a tour of the state of Rajastan which is essentially arid desert with a lot of wild shrubs and bushes. No real pit stops or amenities when travelling and me and the wife were travelling...
  24. IAmATeaf

    IVS Tripwire -- Rules for Drawing

    I personally don’t have any zig zags for any of my ivs rules. Just have boxes around areas of interest and as far as I can tell they work reliably.
  25. IAmATeaf

    Pit Stop

    Does make you wonder why she didn’t just wipe with what she had in her hand to start off with? Or had she maybe already pissed/shat herself?
  26. IAmATeaf

    Pit Stop

    Having typed this it reminded me of my younger days. Went for some drinks after work and on my way back late on the evening I was bursting for a pee but there was nowhere so I found a place behind some shops which was nice and dark. At the relief of release I adjusted my footing which caught...
  27. IAmATeaf

    Pit Stop

    WTF did I just watch and I mean that in all senses
  28. IAmATeaf

    Windows Admin Credentials Not accepted to run as service

    The other thing it could be as I’m sure I’ve read that somebody else had this issue is the characters you use in the password. Can’t quite call but it might be worth resetting the password to remove any special chars to see if that changes the behaviour?
  29. IAmATeaf

    How to encrypt the HDD?

    Unless the NVR supports encryption natively then I don’t see how you are going to do this. A better question might be why? As you’ve discovered from an NVR that is Linux based you can’t simply plug the drive in without some fiddling so would your average thief even know of be bothered? Suspect...
  30. IAmATeaf

    Mail Theft

    That’s about right isn’t it, it’s def an old E Class.