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  1. Securame

    Problem reading Pan position from PTZ camera using Pelco-d with RS-485

    That will not work. RS485 bus is used for commands (PTZ movement, zoom, OSD menus, whatever), and it is an unidirectional bus. You send commands over that bus, and expect whatever devices receive those commands to accordingly. "Hey, ID1 device, go to this coordinates" "Hey, ID2 device, zoom in"...
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    Which HikVision Cam Do I Have [mm]

    You have the s/n of each camera on each box; and you can also see the s/n of each camera on SADP :)
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    Can't log into camera basic settings with ivms4200?

    Use Internet Explorer, and clear your browser cache.
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    Hikvision NVR Reboot Script

    A "reboot script" like this will work with any unit and firmware. The bad part is that you are down for at least a minute; you can program it to shut down power daily, for example from 4:59 to 5:00, or whatever time suits you.
  5. Securame

    Changing file name of scheduled capture

    You can't. You will have to run an script on your web server so it keeps looking for a new file, and move it/copy it/rename it to whatever you want.
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    Admin password recovery - Hikvision NVR DS-7204HQHI-F1
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    R0 platform (2xx2) > V5.4.800 build210813 release 2021-09-21

    So I just updated some of my older cube cameras, just to be sure. DS-2CD2420F-IW - R2 - V5.4.800 build 210813 DS-2CD2432F-IW - R0 - V5.4.800 build 210813 DS-2CD2423G0-IW - G1 - V5.6.6 build 210625
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    Does this make sense??! camera WIFI HIKVISION

    Just use Safire models if you are fine with them. You should be able to add them to a Hik-connect account with no problem, mixing Hikvision and Safire devices if you want. If you have an NVR, you will have to connect them as ONVIF.
  9. Securame

    Dahua Cameras with a Hikvision NVR

    NVR is, unless you changed it. NVRs with POE pots have two different subnets, one for your LAN, one for the integrated network switch.
  10. Securame

    Dahua Cameras with a Hikvision NVR

    Oh wait, so you are connecting the camera on a POE port¿ Then you do need to configure it on the 192.168.254.x subnet.
  11. Securame

    Dahua Cameras with a Hikvision NVR

    That's the TCP port you see in Config Tool, not the web or ONVIF port.
  12. Securame

    Dahua Cameras with a Hikvision NVR

    ONVIF port is surely not 37777. Try with 80.
  13. Securame

    Does this make sense??! camera WIFI HIKVISION

    So I just tried with a SF-IPD821WHA-4PW (rebranded DS-2CV2141G2-IDW) with firmware v5.5.120 build 210209, and it does connect to P2P over wifi. It looks that it is only Hik firmwares that have removed the P2P ability over wifi. There is a newer Safire firmware, same version but different build...
  14. Securame

    Does this make sense??! camera WIFI HIKVISION

    Ahhh well, that might be it. EZVIZ is part of the Hikvision family, so I do not think they even need to pay anything to themselves. EZVIZ is marketed to end users/consumers. EZVIZ cameras can actually be used with Hikvision app/P2P system/Hik-connect.
  15. Securame

    Does this make sense??! camera WIFI HIKVISION

    Wifi works. P2P/Hik-connect works (when using wired connection). P2P/Hik-connect does not work over wifi. Why wouldn't it work on a camera that has wifi? Because Hikvision removed it. Why did they do it? I have no idea. SMTP options should still be there. More info...
  16. Securame

    Does this make sense??! camera WIFI HIKVISION

    I can vouch for this, they have removed the option to connect to P2P/Hik-connect when using wifi. It just doesn't make any sense... If I get a model with wifi, it is because I plan on using wifi. Otherwise I would never be using one of this newer models with external antennas. I would say that...
  17. Securame

    PSA! Firmware Update for 7616-NI-E2 V3.4.106_191009

    When viewing multiple cameras on a grid like 4x4, the NVR is decoding/showing you the substreams. Meanwhile the recording is done on the main stream. If those ONVIF cameras have no substream, they will be recorded just fine, but on a 4x4 view you will not be able to see them. If you double...
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    Change of camera S/N C3A

    Have you tried unbinding it with SADP, on a Windows computer on the same network as the camera?
  19. Securame

    Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in Hikvision IP camera/NVR firmware (CVE-2021-36260)

    I've been away more than a week so I've been late to the party, but there is so much useful information to gather over here. Awesome job @watchful_ip !
  20. Securame

    TFTP updating latest OEM Hikvision devices (manufacture date 05/2021)

    No, it's actually older. The previous E7S I had tried was from 05/2021, this one is from 03/2021.
  21. Securame

    TFTP updating latest OEM Hikvision devices (manufacture date 05/2021)

    I had to update another two different OEM models, and I had to do the same process. Another E7S series camera, manufactured on 03/21. It is a different camera than the one I used previously. And this time the filename it looks for is flag*23b06_1 instead of flag*23b05_1. G5 series camera...
  22. Securame

    How Do You Downgrade Hikvison NVR Firmware To An Earlier Version?

    Try with Internet Explorer, NOT Edge. You keep trying with Edge, which is clearly shown on your Windows taskbar. You might also want to delete the plugin you currently have installed on Windows, which will be somewhere like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Web Components", and let the NVR install its...
  23. Securame

    Trouble With Hikvision NVR Remote Playback

    Are you even recording the substream? You would need to specifically force your NVR to record the substream, by default it doesn't even record it. Just take a snapshot of the video when on playback, and check the resolution on the snapshot.
  24. Securame

    HIKVISION DS-2CD2141G1-IDW1 IP camera problems

    Try with Internet Explorer. I have no idea what firmware you are running. I have used 5.5.92 build 190227 which DID support Hik-connect over wi-fi, and 5.5.98 build 200420 which did NOT support it. Yours would be an older firmware version, but with a newer build date. On Hikvision portal I see...
  25. Securame

    HIKVISION DS-2CD2141G1-IDW1 IP camera problems

    You need to be locally on the same network where you have the camera.
  26. Securame

    HIKVISION DS-2CD2141G1-IDW1 IP camera problems

    Add the camera locally on iVMS-4200 by IP, not by cloud/Hik-connect. There you will also see easily the firmware version. On the same page you posted the screenshot, just use "Online device" to find the devices that are on your local network.
  27. Securame

    HIKVISION DS-2CD2141G1-IDW1 IP camera problems

    Sure? Check again, that doesn't seem to be a E3 series firmware. But if Hik-connect works when wired, and doesn't work over wifi, that is your answer.
  28. Securame

    HIKVISION DS-2CD2141G1-IDW1 IP camera problems

    What firmware is on your camera? If 5.5.98 or later, there is no Hik-connect support over wifi. Do not try to find an explanation on why they remove Cloud support over wifi, on a wifi...
  29. Securame

    Acusense with strobe+light - How to easily turn on/off strobe+light?

    I have a Hikvision NVR with alarm inputs, so I use one of the alarm inputs on the NVR to do it. The strobe/sirens only go off when the alarm input is closed. I could wire an alarm ouput on the NVR to its own alarm input, and turn on/off that alarm output manually. But I actually have an alarm...
  30. Securame

    Recording to mac via web browser

    That is where you configure where your web browser will be recording videos/snapshots/etc. So, when you are accessing the camera over the web interface, and take a snapshot or record a clip, it will save it there. It has nothing to do related to where the camera by itself will be making recordings.