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  1. mat200

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    Just remember the main guy who made Hamilton is 100% anti-2A
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    Example: How Drones have changed trench warfare .. ( drone )

    Drone vs Drone ..
  3. mat200

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    hmmm .. if I identify as Afro-White-Jewish .. can I get 3x the reparations ?
  4. mat200

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

  5. mat200

    New build CAT6 camera cabling through a wall

    welcome @BigJoe90 This is what I prefer to do : "Should I add a network point on the internal wall near to where the cable is going out of the wall and use a patch cable to go through the wall? Would give me more flexibility and prevent issues with the cable in the future." Basically run all...
  6. mat200

    Funny / Satire

    lol .. fyi - think "The Onion" / "Babylon Bee" style comedy .. he's good ..
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    Venezuela !! 3rd up to bat .. 1st was Russia, then 2nd Hamas / Iran .. and now Maduro's turn to beat a neighbor ..

    Will Russia-backed Venezuela start a war in South America? | Defence in Depth
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    Funny / Satire
  9. mat200

    Nixon Warned That This Would Happen To Russia (1992) : impressive, smart analysis

    impressive, smart analysis Nixon Warned That This Would Happen To Russia (1992) Richard Nixon Foundation
  10. mat200

    Dahua/Loryta Latency

    Try VLC and compare with the browsers .. test H.264 vs H.265
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    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

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    Dahua/Loryta Latency

    Hi @kd4e As @wittaj noted, IP cameras all have some latency issues .. Reducing latency : 1) Each network node produces some latency, thus: A) Reduce the nodes B) Ensure the nodes you have are able to process the ip packets as fast as you need. Thus, this is why we want a quality IP switch...
  13. mat200

    Israel attacked by Hamas...

  14. mat200

    Israel attacked by Hamas...

  15. mat200

    Looking for some guidance on my lorex

    Hi I believe those are dahua oem .. the cameras iirc are not officially onvif yet support enough standards that others have used them with blue iris. The nvr iirc does have a limited bandwidth that may be your limiting factor. Recording basics should work with other dahua oem cameras as long...
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    2nd Amendment thread

    Bodegas are about to bring a LOT of guns to NY... The Gun Control queen isn't going to like this.
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    2nd Amendment thread
  18. mat200

    2nd Amendment thread

    Well, clearly NYC needs these ..
  19. mat200

    Money & Economics

    Yup .. and on top of that .. all properties now around get property tax increases .. sooner or later we will all be renters in this game .. waiting for an ev Uber pick up
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    New Ghetto neighbors don't like me giving them their litter back - Hit and run another car

    Probably a good time for someone to try a claim vs the landlords home owners insurance ? Hmm .. wonder if that would make a difference.
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    The official "WTF" thread
  22. mat200

    Road Rager gets shot.

  23. mat200

    Road Rager gets shot.

  24. mat200

    Road Rager gets shot.

    Road Rager gets shot. bangitsmom ! 567,211 views Nov 19, 2023 Reckless driver cuts off another driver. The 2nd driver decides to pay him back by cutting him off, but clips 1st driver's front end. The 1st driver who started it all decides to throw punches and ends up getting shot 3x. If you...
  25. mat200

    The official "WTF" thread

    EVs .. just wait until the fires in every parking locations create a knock on effect .. condos and others may want to ban them once the insurance adjustments kick in. Attached garages in homes .. yeah that will be a challenge also ...
  26. mat200

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy