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    What dash cam are you using?

    I currently have an older Street Guardian SG9665GC V1. It's been running for many years without problems. It's only fault is the dog-gone really tiny view screen. Lately, I've gotta itch to pick up a rear-view mirror cam. The 10" wide screen really appeals to me. I don't know why the...
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    rear view mirror dash cam?

    The Junsun at my link says it needs batteries. Maybe a supercap would be a better choice? Here in Florida, we get cooked at times. You say you're fairly happy with yours ..... if you were buying another camera today, would you buy the same model or would you consider upgrading? I encountered...
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    rear view mirror dash cam?

    Hi All, The rear view mirror style of dashcam really has captured my attention. I've been looking at videos on youtube and this model looks somewhat interesting: Anyone have...