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    NVRs with AI Dahua NVR5216-8P-I

    Hello, Does anyone have any info or experience with the following dahua nvrs?: nvr5216-8p-I. the -I (capital i not L) These are dahua's new line of AI NVRs.
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    IR anti-reflection window to increase the infrared transmittance

    does any one know the details of what the above means? I was hoping to try and place a camera inside and have it monitor the outside through a window. Most of the cameras with have the image of the front of the camera reflected back into the recording as soon as any infrared is turned on...
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    manually triggering siren from dahua mobile app

    Does anyone know if it is possible to manually trigger an alarm/siren that is connected to a dahua camera via their mobile app? I do not want to setup the alarm to automatically be triggered when detecting motion as to avoid a very loud false alarms! As soon as I get the email alert...
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    video enhancer/clarify software

    Does any one have any recommendations for enhancing video recordings? I have looked at video cleaner but could not get it to work effectively. I also found motiondsp but it looks like it was sold off and now is subscription based and may be very expensive. There was also amped five but also...
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    Iris Switch Times stat

    Hello, I just recently purchased a new dahua ptz camera (sd8a840vi-hni) and had a question about the following counter: It seems to be incrementing a lot and I am not sure if that is normal. Is anyone familiar with this stat and have any suggestions on how to interpret? Thanks for any help, jp