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    Swans Nesting.

    Both are great photos but the baby robins all looking to be feed is wonderful to see nature at work.
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    Comment by 'Sparky19053' in media 'Five cat six cables in the three fourths inch conduit'

    That's why electrcians call it PVC, pipe very crowded. You'll play hell if you ever try to replace one line. For the sake of a few bucks use 1 or 1 1/4" and leave a pull line for growth. If you want to follow the NEC use no more that 360 degrees of bends in a run before hitting a junction box...
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    Dahua DB11doorbell camera caught FedEx

    Funny the same FED EX driver probably is the same guy that delivered the camera that nabbed em in action. I just had an Amazon delivered left at the mailbox sixty foot down the driveway. Online tracking said handed to the homeowner. I sent Amazon the camera footage showing the driver leaning...
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    POE Switch recomdations,

    Yes this is for business use and the phones are on the same switch as the security cameras will be so reliability and speed are concerns. Wow what a price spread from used on Ebay to new online. I have my concerns with used equipment from Ebay but at $40.00 with free shipping, its a...
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    POE Switch recomdations,

    For a POE switch, the requirements are a minimum of eight ports for POE cameras. The camers will report to BI5. Need an additional twelve ports for non POE connections such as phones, printers and desktop PCs What would you recommend for a reliable switch? Do I need a managed switch or us...
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    New South Wales Australia rolls out cell phone detection cameras. It's for your own good.

    From someone that drives a lot and sees a lot of distracted driving I think its a great idea!
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    Combination Arc Fault Circuit Breaker tripping

    I hear you Nick, the AFCI and GFI technology has improved leaps and bounds since inception. Hell at one time in the early age of portable cell phones and the late age of hand held 2 way radios we had one hell of a problem with radio communications causing the GFCI breakers to trip. If you were...
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    Combination Arc Fault Circuit Breaker tripping

    For the record, despite the interchangeability of breakers when you read the fine print on the load center label it will likely say for use with listed breakers only. IE Using a GE or Eaton breaker in a Siemens load center is not UL listed. Should there be a failure resulting in an insurance...
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    Electrical Transmission Line Issue

    I would of expected the building lights to of flickered with the arcing.
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    Mail Thief

    Hey I'm with Tangent on the electrical charge on the box. But as the law would have he would sue you for damages. I'd go with the blow up photo, My guess once he sees hiself on recorded mater he'll move on.
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    Time lapse concrete floor install

    Nice video, Good Job on the concrete work.
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    Special connectors needed.

    A good electrical suppler will carry what is called an enlarger fitting, 1/2 male to 3/4 female.
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    Brand new fawn

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.