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    Help I'm a noob....

    Well not really. First and foremost let me welcome you to this wonderful forum where you will find all the knowledge you need to set up your own cameras and vms. Once upon a time (actually not that long ago), I too was in your shoes looking to set up a security camera system and I stumbled upon...
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    Camera settings

    I've installed 3 out of my 6 cams and am now playing around with BI settings to get them configured. Attached are 3 pics from the respective cameras. I've turned off the infrared on the garage left cam and the picture seems pretty reasonable. The garage right cam isn't very good due to the...
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    Thank you Andy!

    Just received my 6 cameras that I ordered from Andy. Shipped exactly when he said they would and arrived exactly when he said they would. Couldn't ask for a better experience. Thank you Andy.
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    Opinion on PC for Blue Iris

    Been looking for a pc to run BI on. I'm planning on running 6 IPC-HDW5231R-ZE cameras which I've ordered from @EMPIRETECANDY. Found a Dell OptiPlex XE2 with the following spec for a $100: Windows 10 Professional Intel i5 4570S quad core processor 8GB RAM 500 GB Hard Drive ATI HD 8490 Video card...
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    Door cam suggestion

    A friend of mine in the UK just ordered this.... He's going abroad for a couple of months so wanted to get something up quick. Advised him that Reolink is not very good and to...
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    Question regarding Paypal

    I'm in the process of setting up an order of 6 cams and junction boxes with Andy. I'm not too familiar with Paypal and I want to avoid any additional fees in making the payment to him. How do I go about making the payment? Thanks in advance.
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    Camera Placement Suggestions

    Hi Folks, Having read the cliff notes, I've finally decided to purchase some Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE cameras for my install. I'm going to place 2 above the garage overlapping each other and one above the light on the rear of the house above the patio door, as shown by the large red circles in the...
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    Another one..

    Hello All, Another newbie here looking for some advice on this excellent forum. I've recently moved into a new house and am looking to set up a surveillance system. I've been doing some reading already of the great information provided by some of the members here, but my brain is struggling to...