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  1. Holbs

    Cable tester or qualifier for IP cams?

    ah. This makes logical sense. My day job is to run data cabling for computers and such. Not for IP camera's. I might have to test this out and see.
  2. Holbs

    Cable tester or qualifier for IP cams?

    Hire local dudes for it. To make things more economically feasible, someone (yourself or onsite employee) will have to identify the wiring. Since currently not identified, fastest way is to snapshot the POE switch port link lights. Have someone disconnect the RJ45 from camera and see what port...
  3. Holbs

    Cable tester or qualifier for IP cams?

    It depends on your expectations on your ROI. Do you run enough networking cable to justify a Fluke network tester? My company does since we are, after all, cabling installers :) However, the darn things come with a hefty price tag. I'd advise hiring local telecommunications outfit to come...
  4. Holbs

    Machine for BI and a few other things...

    probably, motion detection recording only? I'm at 16 camera's, most are 2MP and I'm continuous recording around 1600 MP/S myself. 16 x 4k camera's doing continuous would make my calculator blow up :) I have 2 8MP cams. They run 700-800k but they are only on motion, not continuous (my inside...
  5. Holbs

    Machine for BI and a few other things...

    16 x 4K camera's? I hope this would be all inside an office setup or such, not at home with outside night vision needs.
  6. Holbs

    REVIEW - Dahua Ultra AI SD8A840WA-HNF 4K 40x PTZ

    This camera could replace TV news camera's out in the field. Looks that good. Would look great at my house too! But dang... I thought having 12 or 13 x $200 cameras was spendy :)
  7. Holbs

    Upgraded my original 2mp starlights to 4mp (pics inside)

    I put my newer 4MP (5442's) 8' above ground to replace my 2MP. I decided to keep the 2MP for 20' above ground general wide angle overview. Comes in handy.
  8. Holbs

    Experience with Floodlight wireless IP Camera

    If the Dahua one above had hard wired option, I would buy one and play with it. I just installed 4x110vac security lights around the house. Already have 2MP cams at 8' covering each of the areas with an additional 2MP camera high above doing overwatch on 3 sides. 2.8mm fixed lens though...
  9. Holbs

    New guy looking for help on current build list

    Andy is here. Message him. You may get a slight discount as compared to Amazon. Just as fast shipping as Amazon Prime through the use of Andy's DIY wormhole generator. Granted, unsure of the current state of shipping with what's going on and all. In regards to the i7-4770 vs i5-6770...
  10. Holbs

    New guy looking for help on current build list

    what prompts you towards the 2231's? unmanaged switch. Hmm. So, you will have the unmanaged switch AFTER the blue iris pc or before? If after, that's best for security as they can be on their own subnet with no access to the internet. i5 6500 works, but i believe is more spendier than...
  11. Holbs

    Machine for BI and a few other things...

    I was unsure if my i7-4770 would power 16 cameras... so bought a 2u server rack mount case at local auction for $5, just in case :) Luckily, is not a problem. And I do not think I'll go above 16 camera's. Unless I look into...PTZ's! So always an option down the road to swap this from my...
  12. Holbs

    Machine for BI and a few other things...

    I guess I have some CPU research to do. I thought any i7 would beat out any i5. I see now, I'm wrong. I see lots of i5's at auctions. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the i5-8's.
  13. Holbs

    Machine for BI and a few other things...

    and I thought that you can't clone windows nowadays, because the Windows 10 license is hard coded to your motherboard MAC address (or maybe NIC address?). I moved my HD from one PC to another, and Windows 10 would not activate. Had to have Windows live chat straighten things out.
  14. Holbs

    Machine for BI and a few other things...

    I gots the i7-4770i (USFF cpu...slightly less powerful than the full fledged i7-4770 in mid towers) with 16 gig ram running 16 cameras very fine and dandy. Gots it for $200 on ebay with 500mb HD and windows10. Unsure why your ebay listing is for $300, unless the i7-4790 is better. But $100...
  15. Holbs

    Cheap Z-Wave / Zigbee doorbell sensor

    I would be interested in garage door options as well. So far, leaning towards a simple reed switch. But more options, the better. Granted I have a DSC alarm system with Enviso and Blue Irs
  16. Holbs

    Choosing PC Case for Multiple HDD ?

    I wouldn't write off a NAS setup for clip storage. Darn things can do 10 gb connections and also aggravate 2 x gigabit connections, expandable bays, raid, backups, plex server, etc. I'm currently running 16 cams to my NAS (1700mps I believe?) on a single gigabit connection to my 8TB WD blue...
  17. Holbs

    What do you use to remotely connect to your Blue Iris PC?

    there is also Team Viewer.
  18. Holbs

    What do you use to remotely connect to your Blue Iris PC?

    I had remote desktop to work when I first started things. Somewhere on later, the darn thing wouldn't work at all. Super frustrated. Went to research and found cabillions and cabillions had the same issue with RDP. Ended up going Chrome Desktop remote for temporary purposes. Dont like using...
  19. Holbs

    Blue Iris , Power Outage

    I gots one of those Cyberpower rack mounted UPS for my server cabinet. I do plan on installing a fire/smoke detector nearby just for this reason.
  20. Holbs

    General Cost of Installtaion?

    $150 per line is excellent pricing if that also includes labor. Depends on your region. Here in Northern NV, it is similar to what the cost is in Cali though a few dollar cheaper. We get 3rd party folks calling us from Kentucky or Iowa asking if we can drop our labor rate from $95/hour to...
  21. Holbs

    Two part question.

    I'd look into getting a Cradlepoint cellular modem. Or one of those Verizon USB stick cellular modems. Pretty good bandwidth as compared to DSL.
  22. Holbs

    any one use Intel nuc with Blue Iris?

    If you do proceed with this please let us know the results after a couple days. I would bet your CPU would heat up pretty badly because of the CPU utilization
  23. Holbs

    Two part question.

    I assume your food truck is mobile, as in across the city or county kind of travel. Could do something like a Cradlepoint 3g/4g (or 5g if they make them) cellular modem or something similar. Then use VPN to home network. If truck was line of sight to home network and within a few miles or a...
  24. Holbs

    any one use Intel nuc with Blue Iris?

    Then I would give it a shot. You are offloading your recordings and alerts to your network storage already. Can nuc's use m.2 sad? Would really need something for a local database and same day alerts and recordings
  25. Holbs

    any one use Intel nuc with Blue Iris?

    I'd have to agree with kipster. The price tag of NUC's (used and new) are exuberant as compared to PC's. I had this decision thought process when I wanted to move away from my i7-4770 CPU based Dell optiplex Mid-Sized tower. Not sure why NUC's are so spendy since they take up less material to...
  26. Holbs

    Notification From Dahua

    thanks for the "boobie" camera I received Monday after ordering end of last week. Was afraid it would show up in June or July :) Drink lots of orange juice and do lots of yoga. At least, that is what my mom said when I had the flu.
  27. Holbs

    I was able to acquire 3 x Axis 3006-V and 2 x M1054's yesterday...

    I did remove these 3 Axxis camera's. I guess since not "H" in the codec, really shot up my CPU usage up to near 50-60%. Swapped in 2 x 8MP Dahua 2831's for the night vision benefit as well.
  28. Holbs

    Stucco finished homes

    blue & green is basically how I will have my 2 low hanging camera's placed (though my green will be more to the right front corner than where you have your's). I also have a #3 camera above 2nd floor window as a more general overwatch of everything in front area. Consider: if you mount camera...
  29. Holbs

    Blocking WAN access

    I had the same problem that I could not block individual Mac addresses only IP ranges. Is why I upgraded to a ubiquity UDM router and solved all my issues
  30. Holbs

    [tutorial] UI3 Viewing Station with Android Tablet

    You can pull the battery connector, basically bypassing the need to have a battery installed for the device to be running? Didn't know that. Thought it was mandatory to have a battery in these things. Can explain a tad bit more? I wouldn't mind doing this setup with a tablet I find laying...