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    UI3 Wont Load in Chrome

    Hey guys for the past 6+ months I'm unable to view my UI3 through Chrome but works just fine on Safari or Firefox. Tested this on 3 different computers, all do the exact same thing. Is there something in Chrome causing this? It just sits there trying to load the page for 30+ min, never gives...
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    Live Preview Suddenly Freezing

    Hey guys, avid Blue Iris user here for the past 2 years or so. Currently running the latest update ( x64) and suddenly I notice that the live view for all cameras (I have 17 IP cameras) is suddenly freezing after about 1 second. If i go to a specific camera, the picture updates then it...
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    Auto delete clips stored in BI that failed Sentry detection.

    I know this has been mentioned a few times already but wanted to push the notion a bit harder. Ability to auto-delete saved alert clips after XX minutes if Sentry determines its a false alert and to surprise it. In my case, Sentry blocks 95% of my motion alerts (400+ Daily) since their trees...
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    Sentry: 15s Timeout

    Anyone else seeing a bunch of timeouts yesterday and today?
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    Pre-Trigger Buffer with Sentry

    Small observation I've noticed is that if you have your pre-trigger buffer set high (I had mine at 5 seconds) that when it sends the alert to Sentry for processing it seems to send some of the first frames in the alert which could very likely be nothing if the subject is out of frame during the...
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    Revisiting Optimizing Blue Iris's CPU Usage

    Hey Guys, been an avid Blue Iris user for about 7 months now and for the most part everything has been smooth after the initial setup and learning curve. I have a pretty beefy gaming PC where I run BlueIris on and over the past 7 months noticed CPU usage and Memory usage "seemed" to be slowly...
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    Motion Trigger Adjustment

    Hey Guys, I have 16 cameras on BlueIris running the latest edition. My property is surrounded by 50 palm trees making it an absolute nightmare on windy days. I setup zone crossing, increased my delays and lowered my sensitivity but I'm still getting flooded with false alerts because my palm...
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    Tips For Motion Detection

    Each sunrise and sunset my cameras motion alarms trigger like crazy when the IR lights for my camera turn on and off. When you have 16 cameras it can get a bit wild and annoying especially when your cameras cycle the IR on and off several times when the light is just enough for IR off or ON and...
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    Adding New IP Cameras

    I just paid to have a local company install 16 new cameras in my home, all 4mp IP cameras and 2 PTZ cameras. They appear to be no-namer Chinese brands and upon lookup on a MAC for the IP and cameras I see their TVT Digital Technology brand NVR & Cameras. Half the reason for paying 7K for all...