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  1. kiwijunglist

    Dahua indoor varifocal with mic

    Hi I'm after a varifocal dahua for indoors with zoom and mic. Either supports an add-on mic or built in mic. Don't need full ptz. Prefer smaller form factor. Don't need ir lights on it, if it has ir need to be able to be switched off. Prefer h265 but suppose it doesn't really matter
  2. kiwijunglist

    Blue iris - noob questions: Integration with H.A. / Dahua vs Hikvision vs Ubiquiti

    Hi I am looking at setting up an NVR and motion captured recordings for 2-3 x POE cameras. I will run the NVR software on either an i3-2100 or i7-3770. The PC running the software also is a DIY nas. I use home assistant for home automation and it is running a raspberry pi. My gateway / router /...