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  1. Bmr4life

    Need help with my alerts getting the proper motion zones flagged.

    I have my porch marked as Zone B, everything as Zone A. My motion alerts will only show AB if the motion is detected in B first and then in A. If the motion starts in A and then continues into B, it only gets marked as A. What do I need to change for both of these scenarios to be marked as AB?
  2. Bmr4life

    What part do I need to seal up a junction box when I have an Ethernet cable coming out?

    I have one of these round boxes but the wire needs to exit out the side. How do I seal that hole up with the wire?
  3. Bmr4life

    Insane amount of particles causing false alerts at night. Is it due to where my camera is?

    It took me months to figure out that this is not sideways rain. It's tiny particles that travel in every direction, but mostly upward right towards the camera. It's impossible for me to dial my settings down low enough to ignore this and still capture animals that have come through my backyard.
  4. Bmr4life

    Not triggering when I run across the yard. What setting to change?

    When reviewing the clips, I have lots of yellow boxes showing that it is sensing me, but it doesn't turn red unless I slow down. My settings are shown below. I've tried Gaussian and Simple, same result.
  5. Bmr4life

    Need help getting alerts for only one zone.

    So I have Zone A and Zone B. I only want sms alerts from Zone B, but I keep getting some from Zone A. It's not all of them though. I don't think the alerts have Zone B in them because the in BI5, the alerts show that only A was trigger, not B or AB. This is the settings I have. I've tried with...
  6. Bmr4life

    Any low cost junction boxes with at two sealed openings?

    I need a few boxes for my setup. All bullet cams for now. A few of the spots will have the camera at one place with the junction box close by. The cameras wires will enter the box and then outdoor cable will feed out of the box and into my house. Other places could just one entrance with the...
  7. Bmr4life

    Changed POE camera IP, now it can't stay on the network.

    I have a Lechange 4K bullet came that came with my NVR setup. I was able to change the IP to so it would match my network. I did this with config tool. Now when I power the camera up it loads and then works for all of 5 seconds, then its gone from the network again and...
  8. Bmr4life

    Do Lechange (Dahua) cameras require the NVR to work?

    I have some Lechange NK168P083-IPC cameras that came in an NVR combo. Do these cameras only work through the NVR or can be they used with blue iris?
  9. Bmr4life

    Which VMS or NVR company has the best mobile app?

    The more I think about what I need out of a camera system, the more I realize that I'll be using the mobile app most of the time. My cameras will be purely for curiosity (animals in the backyard, packages on the front porch, cars driving through the subdivision) I currently have a Dahua NVR and...
  10. Bmr4life

    Lechange (Dahua) NVR & Camera. Motion recording timing is very late.

    I have this setup. NK88P042 Lechange 8-Channel 4K UHD NVR with 2TB HDD and 4 4K Outdoor Night Vision Bullet Cameras Here's my situation. The NVR is set to continuous as well as motion recording. When I go to the recordings in the NVR, all of the motion events are tagged to late and I miss...
  11. Bmr4life

    I love the Wyze app, but hate everything else about it. Looking for a proper solution.

    First let me say I already own a Lechange (Dahua) Poe NVR with some 4k bullet cams. Great stability with it being a wired setup. However, the NVR interface and the mobile apps suck (both Imou and gDMSS Plus). The Wyze app is very sweet, quick, shows you what caused the motion event to trip...