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    IR Light Control

    Fantastic, that makes this easier. Thanks!
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    IR Light Control

    Does anyone know if setting the IR lights to "auto" means BI decides if they should come on or not, or is it telling the camera to make that decision? I have an Amcrest IP2M-841, and it appears to have it's own IR settings in the camera--"Manual (with a slider for 'middleLight')," "Smart IR,"...
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    i3-3225 too old for 12MP of cameras?

    I have that exact processor in my HTPC and run BI with a 2 MP camera. BI itself generates around a 10% CPU load at idle and record. You will probably be okay if nothing else runs on it and you tweak some settings, but you can also just put in an Ivy Core i7 from eBay for probably <$150 if you...
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    CPU Usage Issues

    I've read this elsewhere, but I wonder if something changed in recent versions. Direct to Disk works just fine in my demo version. There is a massive CPU decrease when I do it, and my saved video clips do not have the "Blue Iris Evaluation Version" watermark, although it is still there in live...