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    Extending POE network from Lorex LNR6100

    Has anyone tried to extend the distance from a Lorex NVR to the cameras beyond 100m? I am thinking about putting one or more cameras over 300m from the NVR. I don't see why I could not run it through an IP network on its own VLAN but will the NVR autosense that it is not directly connected to...
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    Networked cameras back to LNR 6108 NVR

    It looks like my Lorex LNR 6108 can only support one networked camera and 8 cameras via direct connection. This limits me to the maximum Ethernet spec of 100m for the connected cameras. Does anyone know if I can insert a network device in between the camera and one of the POE ports on the NVR...
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    Costco LNR 6108 -Did I make a mistake?

    I took advantage of the $699 sale at Costco for the Lorex LNR6108 by getting two of them. After a flawless installation of the first, the second one had some issues. First, there seems to be a bad camera. It is recognized by the system but there is no video. Sadly, I already painted and...
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    Total Newbie Here

    Hi All - Great site with a wealth of information from so many knowledgeable people. Thanks in advance for answering my questions. Greg